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Extra courses to consider when you graduate

Obtaining your degree is difficult. Finishing your degree is likely to feel like an enormous weight off your shoulders. But, what if your degree is a little obscure? If you studied something specific like mechanical engineering, accountancy or journalism you’re probably quite sure about the job you are gunning after. It’s crystal clear what you’re going to do for a career. But, what if you studied a Philosophy, Politics and Economics degree? Or, you studied Anthropology? Even studying a Bachelor of Arts degree can leave you wafting in the wake of graduation jubilation.

As a new graduate you’re probably keen to enter the working world as soon as someone will give you a chance. Even taking on an internship or the lowest-paying junior position seems attractive when you’re thirsty for experience. While you’re working your way through your first year in the workplace and being a lackey, you can continue to educate yourself. By enrolling in courses that offer you a practical skill or that enhance your qualification, you’ll become more attractive to a prospective employee. Here’s a look at courses that are most beneficial to a fresh graduate.

Technology will never stop being on the rise

Any course to do with technology is beneficial. If you’re interested in entry-level coding or you recently finished a degree in IT and want an advanced course in computer auditing, it’ll all be worthwhile. In fact, even if you’re an arts major, having some additional education in technology that gives you an understanding of practical implementation will do wonders for your employability.

Data gathering and analysing is the new science

Data rules everything in the business world. Even marketing gurus and content producers swear by it. It guides and directs decision-makers and therefore having a keen understanding of it is extremely beneficial. By taking a postgraduate year-long, part-time introductory course in statistics, you’ll have a solid grasp on the concepts and learn how to use the applied statistics software.

Project management is in your future

Project management is in just about every professional person’s future. No matter the industry, if you’re a junior called into project management with your company, you’re considered management material. By completing a project management course you push yourself to the front of the queue when your superiors are looking for someone to lead.

If you can manage people, you are winning

HR management courses will give you a keen insight into your colleagues and their behaviour. Also, you’ll know and understand labour law exceptionally well and be able to handle any conflict or disputes (yours or your colleagues) extremely well. This course looks very good on your CV. It will assist you with moving up the ranks into management rather swiftly but most importantly, this course will help you a lot when you decide to run your own business.

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