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4 Ways to beat exam stress

You’re exams are around the corner and you are finding yourself getting more stressed the closer the exams get. To combat stress, you need to find a balance between the amount of time you study and relax. Relaxing the body and mind before exams is very important as it will allow you to focus more easily on the material you need to study for.

Be prepared

The first thing you should do when preparing your study sessions is break the amount of work up into hours. If you are studying for an exam which is in 5 days time and you have 8 hours of work to get through, then break it up into  2 hours of studying per day and the final day for final preparation. Be realistic about the amount of preparation needed for each exam and keep an exam schedule which can track your exam preparation and dates.

Take breaks

It’s very important to take breaks in between studying. This allows you to stretch and enjoy some fresh air.  After your 2 hours of studying, put your books down and get outside. Take your dogs for a walk or cycle around the block. Getting outdoors will make you feel more motivated and determined. Keep study breaks to about 20 minutes per every 2 hours of studying.


During exam time you are under an immense amount of stress. You are also influenced by so many distractions, such as friends inviting you out, your phone buzzing away, music and the television. Take 5 minutes before you start studying to meditate. All you need to do is find a relaxing spot to sit or stand, put any distraction out of sight and start breathing. Breathe in and out. Focus on each deep breathe. Remove all thoughts and for 5 minutes just focus on the sound of inhaling and exhaling.

Pamper your skin

The night before your exam you will find yourself going over the work in your mind. As much as you try to switch off, you keep thinking about the exam. Take sometime before you go sleep to pamper yourself. Scrub exfoliator all over your body and apply a peeling gel to your face. After about 10 minutes jump into the bath and wash the product off. Your skin will be left feeling exfoliated and renewed.

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