Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Industry

Why you should go into the travel, tourism and hospitality industry

The travel and tourism industry will bring in an abundance of excitement where you’ll be able to meet new people and perhaps even travel the world. You’ll learn about different cultures and backgrounds which will broaden your horizons and your outlook on life. This career path is one which can captivate and inspire you, where you’re able to move into different fields of the industry. You can work in a luxury 4 star hotel in the Waterfront or on a game farm where you’ll take tourists on different safari trips.

A dynamic workplace

This industry is very diverse in terms of the different fields you can enter into. Whether it’s in a hotel or the bushveld, you can be anywhere you choose. The positions range from front-line or operational jobs involving contact with travellers, to supervisory positions that involve people management skills. You may also have your hand in influential positions which are at an executive or entrepreneur level in national or international organisations. However, all of these different fields have one common factor, the mission to receive total tourist satisfaction.

Easy entry and quick advancement

In this industry you can get involved easily and immediately. You may start out as a volunteer by helping your neighbourhood coordinate a festival. The experiences you gather will boost your chances of being hired. The travel, tourism and hospitality industry need passion-filled individuals who can perhaps turn a 1 star hotel into a 4 star hotel. This is a challenge-filled career where you’re able to contribute to the economic activity of most countries.

Innovative ideas

The travel, tourism and hospitality industry is a competitive one. It is dynamic and what makes this industry so competitive is that you need to be ahead of the game. The aim is to satisfy every visitor and ensure they have a comfortable stay. Hospitality infrastructure, products and services should always be top notch. You need to be able to cater to the different needs of each visitor and be tolerant of them. Being able to come up with innovative ideas will put you ahead of your competitors. You will need to think on your feet and be proactive. New skills and ideas are always needed in every area of the industry.

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