Eco-friendly & Unconventional Study Tips

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The end of the year is fast approaching, things are slowing down, the sun is out and before you know it #keDezembaboss. But before you can set out your New Year’s resolutions, show off your summer body, attend every party and just not give a damn… You have to write exams.

You cringe at the mere thought that this is your final chance to prove to yourself and your family that you actually learnt a thing or two this past year. You make peace with the fact that you are about to go through the most and that your best friend Stress is about to call any minute.

You randomly remember the words of your grade 4 teacher when she gave you study tips that somehow worked for her but never really worked for you.

So here’s some eco-friendly and unconventional study tips to help you during this tough yet short time:

  1. Take notes electronically

It’s the 21st century and the world had gone digital and it’s time you do so too. You get to save time and save paper at the same time – what more could you ask for?

  1. Use reusable water bottles

During this time it’s important that you stay hydrated at all times. You don’t want to pass out whilst studying but you also don’t want 20 water bottles lying in your room. Therefore it’s a good idea to have a reusable water bottle that you carry around everywhere an everywhere.

  1. Study in natural light

Soak up some vitamin D whilst studying outside. That way you kill two birds with one stone. If you prefer studying during the night time that’s all fine, that ensure that you have LED lights that way you not only saving the environment but you also get to save a couple of rands, so a winner- winner situation.

  1. Treat yourself


We all know that studying is one of the most boring things to do. So spice it up and create a reward system for every chapter that you manage to get through. Be it a 5 min walk or a treat of your favourite snack just go wild.

  1. Take Frequent breaks

Anyone who has ever tired studying can quickly tell you that it’s one of the most exhausting things to do. So do best and take as many breaks as you need… just don’t overdo it. We still want you to pass.

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