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Get your Driver’s License the First Time

Learning to drive is stressful, but not nearly as stressful as taking that dreaded test. If you think it’s going to be easy because you’re an expert behind the wheel, well, you’re wrong. You may be calm when you’re sitting in the car with your parents or driving instructor, but it’s completely different when you’re on the road with a traffic officer. Many people walk into the test with confidence coming out of their ears and leave without a license. So, how do you avoid becoming one of those sad people being driven around by their mom? Here’s how…

Know the K53

Many people will tell you that experienced drivers don’t use K53. Some will even call driving according to K53 “dangerous”. And that may be the case. But K53 is what you’re being tested on, so it’s really important that you know the rules inside out.

Take lessons

Yes, your mom or dad may be an excellent driving instructor, but you should always take at least a few lessons before you take the test. Professional driving instructors know exactly how the test works, the questions you’ll be asked and how the traffic officer may try to confuse you.

Drive as often as you can

Outside of lessons you should also spend as much time on the road as possible. Get a licensed driver to sit in the passenger seat and hit the road as often as you can. Of course, never drive alone without a license because if you get in an accident you’ll be on the wrong side of the law no matter whose fault it is.

Drive the right car

Try to practice in the car that you’re doing your test in as much as possible. It’s also a good idea to check exactly what kind of license you’re applying for, just so you know what vehicle you can and can’t drive, etc. Another piece of advice you should follow is to never practice in an automatic if you’re doing the test for a manual car. It’s easier to drive but it will teach you bad habits.

Do all of the above and try to stay calm when you enter the traffic department. Remember that the officer testing you is just doing their job and they’re not out to get you. If you breathe deeply and concentrate, you’ll be shopping for pre-owned cars in next to no time.

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