What to take to University

When we make it into university, it can be one of the most daunting tasks in the world. For many of us, this means we move our entire life for a few years in order to focus on studies. Having a place close to our classes makes life easier, since we don’t need to worry about transportation if we can simply walk there. It also means a place to study on or close to our campus. We don’t need to rely on library access or spaces in order to just have some quiet time.

But we often don’t know what we need when we leave for university. These are just some things students should consider.


Today, we have access to the most incredible technology to help us. Ideal for any student is a laptop. This does not mean we need a top of the line, Apple laptop. After all, what we’ll be working with primarily are documents. We might need storage in order to have easy, recoverable access to projects and related media. TechRadar has an updated list of ideal laptops for students across a range of prices.

Aside from laptops, we need a reliable phone. This isn’t just to keep in contact with our parents or friends, but necessary for staying in contact with our courses, lecturers and so on. These days, a smartphone is an extension of our computers. For example, using Google Calendar means we can synchronise various notifications across a range of devices: phones, laptops and so on. Again, we don’t need the best phone in the world but one that is reliable, fast and can run necessary programs.

Ideally, we will have access to the Internet, too. Usually campuses have a universal WiFi. If not, it might also be ideal to invest in internet devices to help us stay connected.


It cannot be understated just how important good bedding is. We need proper mattresses, duvet covers, cases and so on in order to get a good night’s sleep. We can’t afford to be exhausted when we’re trying to focus on lectures. Furthermore, during colder days, we need good blankets to prevent illness from rapidly changing body temperatures. The last thing we need to worry about while stressing about exams is how cold we are.


We should not be straining our eyes. Acquiring good lighting can be helped by making sure we stay in an area that has decent natural light. But, of course, natural light fades and we’ll often find ourselves working at night. This means we should get good lamps, bulbs and so on to make sure we’re living in a way that encourages us to keep focused on writing and reading. One study has shown definitively that lighting has an effect on how well students learn. And, as we know, learning doesn’t only happen in a classroom.

Pens and paper

In this digital age, the idea of pens and paper might seem outdated. Yet, so much admin these days still requires us to use ink. It’s wise then to keep a constant stationery set for projects, exams, admin papers and so on.

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