High Capacity and Top-Tier Performance: WD Black D10 Game Drive 8TB

If you are looking for a spectacular hard drive, Western Digital is always the top name on your list of options. In our world of internal memory and cloud storage, Western Digital continues to make a fine space for themselves in the hard drive domain. They have continually offered fast and reliable external hard drives that offer you the luxury of storing an enormous amount of data and carrying it around in your pocket or bags effortlessly. This has been further solidified with the launch of their latest WD Black Range.

The WD Black D10 Game Drive is a mammoth gaming drive priced at R4,499. It largely focuses on enabling gamers to store their tremendous data or shift the data to make some space in your system. It worked superbly well on my Mac system and helped me free up so much space. Whether it is a PlayStation, PC, Mac, or XBox, the WD Black D10 Game Drive is compatible with them all. The WD Black D10 Game Drive lives up to the reputation that Western Digital has created over the past many years. It’s solid, capable, high performance, and won’t disappoint you.

Inside the box

The WD Black D10 Game Drive box comes with four items inside it.

  • The 7.68″ x 4.92″ x 1.73″ WD Black D10 Game Drive
  • One USB Type-A to Micro B cable
  • One AC adapter
  • One Plug
  • One User Install Guide

Let’s have a closer look at everything I loved about the WD Black D10 Game Drive.

The WD Black D10 Game Drive is tasteful, compact, and powerful

I found the WD Black D10 Game Drive to be incredibly tasteful. For a hard drive that offers 8TG of space, I was expecting quite an ugly look. However, the WD Black D10 Game Drive is both chunky and compact. It comes with rubber feet on one side with which you can position it both vertically and horizontally. The two USB-A 7.5W ports add to the aesthetics of the WD Black D10 Game Drive and simultaneously offer additional charging space.

It’s operations never skip a beat

As far as setting up the WD Black D10 Game Drive is concerned, you just need to plug it into your laptop or system, and you are good to go. The read and write speed of this hard drive stands at 250mb/s, which isn’t bad for such a mammoth device. The WD Black D10 Game Drive picked up file transfers on my Mac system instantly without any lags. The read and write operations were incredibly smooth and quick.

Active cooling technology to keep it from burning up

For a hard drive that performs such rapid read and write operations instantly, heating up is a rather common issue. However, Western Digital equipped the WD Black D10 Game Drive with active cooling technology that prevents this from happening. This is incredibly useful if you are looking to enjoy your games while the hard drive is at work.

Pros –

Super-fast read and write operations

Active cooling technology

Two USB-A 7.5W ports

Cons –

Design is a bit chunk

The final verdict

The WD Black D10 Game Drive is a powerful and high capacity hard drive that could take away numerous storage woes. With superb speed and high reliability, it is definitely one of my most favorite hard drives I’ve used for gaming. For more updates on the WD Black D10 Game Drive and other latest technologies, stay tuned and subscribe to our Newsletter!

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