5 Ways to Help and Give Back During the Pandemic

This health crisis has affected us all in various ways. For some, it has meant the loss of their jobs and livelihoods, for others, the loss of life-saving treatments and support. While the virus itself has stolen the spotlight, and rightfully so to an extent, people with different pre-existing ailments such as diabetes, asthma, and those dealing with life-threatening diagnoses such as cancer have lost so much in the process. Charities donating time, expertise, and funds to cancer research and support are losing their own financial support, so raising awareness among people is pivotal to restore their funding.

What’s your role in all of those important processes? Well, you can do so many different things to help your local community, contribute to global causes, and make sure that individuals fighting cancer and other health issues have your support. Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling, so that you can make a difference as often as possible.

Volunteer your time

Although the situation might be more complex than in regular circumstances, the pandemic shouldn’t prevent you from volunteering. For example, even contactless services such as delivering medicine and groceries to seniors in homes or your elderly neighbors can be very helpful and reduce their interactions with other people.

Calling your neighbors from time to time to check in and see if they need anything or to ask how they are feeling is another simple act of kindness that can make someone’s day and improve their quality of life in these difficult times.

Donate and raise awareness

Some charitable organizations conduct research, others donate to help people find better treatment options, while some devote their time to provide emotional support and guidance while battling a diagnosis. In densely-populated regions such as Hong Kong, the work of all those institutions is pivotal for the wellbeing of the community.

If you or someone you know is dealing with a cancer diagnosis, you understand the importance of palliative care and psychological support. Look for a reputable Hong Kong charity that you can donate to or where you can educate yourself further on different ways to provide help and support. Even just raising awareness of the existence of these charities can be extremely helpful during the pandemic.

Set up fundraising events online

From crowdfunding to dedicated donation sites, you can truly do so much to set up your own fundraising events online. For example, you can offer workshops or e-books in exchange for donations to a specific cause. Setting up auctions is another brilliant way to both organize an online garage sale and collect money to help an organization survive these difficult times.

Donate your blood

Organizations such as the American Red Cross continuously do their best to educate the public on the need to donate blood. For example, did you know that every 2 seconds someone in the US needs blood? Yet, because of the pandemic, people are wary of donating blood, afraid to get the virus because of being in contact with different people.

If you qualify for blood donations, this is precisely what you need to do: go online, make an appointment, and you can even call a local center and ask for advice and guidance. They’ll tell you about the precautions they are taking and reassure you that it’s perfectly safe to donate blood during the pandemic. In fact, it’s essential.

Hit the social media

Most charitable organizations and support groups helping people with cancer and other illnesses exist online, and not just on their websites. They regularly post reminders and research on social media, wanting to raise awareness and remove the stigma of battling such health issues. You can do your part by sharing that content, inviting more people to like and follow those pages, and above all, to make their own donations. Every little bit goes a long way and can mean that someone will be able to receive the necessary treatment in time, despite the pandemic.

What may mean little to you can make an enormous difference to someone else – be it your blood, an hour of your time, a portion of your paycheck, or a bag of groceries. Stay alert, continue educating yourself on the best ways to help your own local community, and always look for ways to expand your reach beyond your own borders. Thanks to digital outlets, it’s easy and simple to donate and to make a difference to so many organizations around the world. Take your pick, and do your best to make the pandemic slightly easier on those who need it most.

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