How a good smartphone can make you a great vlogger

When it comes to vlogging, one of the key components is your visuals. Whether you’re vlogging about food, fashion or sports, a great smartphone camera that takes beautiful pictures and videos, like the one on the HUAWEI Mate40 Pro, goes a long way to making your content compulsively watchable.  

The HUAWEI Mate40 Pro’s Ultra Vision Selfie Camera, Super Sensing Wide Camera, Ultra Wide Cine Camera and the Periscope Telephoto Camera empower the HUAWEI Mate40 Pro’s photography capabilities. With XD Fusion HDR Video, Steady Shot, Front and Rear Dual-View Video, Tracking Shot, Audio Focus, Audio Zoom and more – you can ensure that memorable moments can be recorded anytime and anywhere. Here’s a breakdown of each camera and what it can do to help you on your vlogging career journey.

This HUAWEI Mate40 Pro’s 50 MP Super Sensing Wide Camera features an industry-leading 1/1.28-inch sensor and a Huawei-exclusive RYYB colour filter array (CFA), supporting Full Pixel Octa PD AutoFocus. The eight-channel multi-spectrum Colour Temperature Sensor augments the main camera to further enhance picture quality. So, if you’re a vlogger who prides themselves on producing high quality content, then you will appreciate the attention to detail that the super wide camera brings out in pictures and video. This is a great camera to use when shooting food content, especially when cooking with fruit and vegetables –all of those colours and textures will come out looking spectacular. 

The Mate40 Pro’s 20MP ultra-wide camera supports a superbly wide field of view. In addition, this highly versatile camera features algorithms that enhance picture quality and correct distortion. A wide field of view is well suited for taking photos in narrow areas and group shots, as it allows more content to be packed into the frame. So, the next time you go exploring the city, be sure to take pictures of some of the intricate graffiti, which tends to be in hard to reach places; the effort will definitely be appreciated by your YouTube vlog channel viewers. 

The telephoto camera on this smartphone supports 10 times hybrid zoom and 50 times digital zoom, allowing users to easily capture faraway objects as if they were up close. The comprehensive zoom options give users the ability to capture from a greater range. This camera is perfect for capturing food content. Imagine zooming in on the stove while you’re making a salmon flambé; the fierce, fiery flames are all the drama you need to keep your viewers gobsmacked. 

Then there’s the Ultra Vision Selfie Camera, which is perfect if you’re a beauty vlogger as it’ll make shooting your how-to eyebrow tutorials easy. This is because the phone’s front camera supports ultra-wide captures, dynamic and smart field of view adjustment and facial distortion correction algorithms. With three fields of view supported, you can easily fit everything you want in the frame. 

When it comes to videos, the HUAWEI Mate40 Pro supports XD Fusion HDR Video on its Ultra Wide Cine Camera, Super Sensing Wide Camera and Ultra Vision Selfie Camera. It uses the powerful quad-core ISP to process a massive dataset for balancing exposure, with consistently high-quality results. By using cameras on both sides of the device, users can document their life from multiple angles, or take a close-up shot and a wide shot at the same time. This is a dream come true for those of you who do vlog collaborations with brands for adverts. And if you’re an aspiring filmmaker, this will definitely up your video shooting game.

The HUAWEI Mate40 Pro is powered by a Kirin 990 processor and has an 8GB RAM to make sure that it doesn’t slow down. All of these features and hardware are powered by a 4200mAh battery, which can last through the day, meaning more time to capture as much visuals as you want. So, if you’re looking to kickstart your vlog, look no further than the HUAWEI Mate40 Pro.

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