Laptop Sleeve Personalization for South African Customers

Lenovo today announced the launch of its ‘Be Unique’ campaign, leveraging an in-house built AI engine and online platform to create bespoke laptop sleeves for select Lenovo devices.

Lenovo’s ‘Be Unique’ campaign falls into the brand’s newly inaugurated ‘Experience Smarter’ platform which aims to deliver smarter experiences to consumers across Lenovo’s product portfolio for work, studying, gaming and content creation.

Lenovo has uncovered growing demand for more unique, personalized products and experiences. The company’s new campaign aims to add a new element of style and individuality to Lenovo’s already unique designs by offering additional levels of customization for new purchases.

To create a custom laptop sleeve, users can visit Lenovo’s dedicated website: where they are able to upload images from their Facebook and Instagram pages to create their unique designs. In addition to this, consumers can also directly upload any images from their device’s galleries or alternatively; the AI platform also provides an option to generate a randomized design for you.

Lenovo’s AI engine analyzes all feed images to understand the user’s style – combining commonalities among colors, textures, hobbies and places to produce unique artwork.

Upon completion, users simply upload the receipts of their newly purchased Lenovo devices or add the voucher number from the device to the system to complete their order. The laptop sleeves are then processed for printing and arrive within a maximum of 14 days.

“With our ‘Be Unique’ campaign, we’re truly taking our ‘Experience Smarter’ commitment to new heights – offering greater personalization for our stylish South African customers. With this platform, we’re encouraging people of all ages to hone in on their creative potential and see how technology can help unlock a whole new world of individuality, while still maintaining the sleek design that Lenovo’s laptops are known for”, said Kelly Soma, Marketing Manager at Lenovo Southern Africa.

Lenovo has collaborated with Incredible Connection in South Africa exclusively to offer this service to customers who purchase select Lenovo devices in-store or online while stocks last. After purchasing their qualifying device from Incredible Connection, consumers can enter their serial numbers via the website and follow the process to create their personalized sleeves free of charge. For more information on which Lenovo devices qualify for this campaign.

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