The Digital Workplace – How to Make it Easy for Employees to Adapt to Technological Change

The digital workplace plays an important function in how employees carry out their work and, in the corporate environment, it involves simplifying processes in order to provide added value services to customers. Not only does the digital workplace demolish barriers and increase efficiency, but it also encourages innovation, promotes growth and increases employees’ efficiency. Here’s how you can make it easy for employees to adapt to technological change.

Provide employees with relevant training

Providing employees with the proper education and training, or any sort of coaching they require to adapt to the technological change, will give them confidence and make them more comfortable with the change. According to an eFront Learning article, making sure that your staff has access to information updates and training while they’re adapting to technology in the workplace is the best way to ensure that employees can engage with the new changes in their working environment.

Ensure employees stay motivated

Ensuring your team remains highly motivated is another key point as it will help them adapt well to the change. You can motivate your team by showing them how effective and helpful the technological change will be for their careers. The new skills, new technologies, and training will not only benefit the organisation but also their future.

Introduce the new changes as exciting challenges for employees

It is human nature to be reluctant to accept any sudden change, and it’s therefore likely that not every employee will easily adapt to technological change in the work environment. Presenting the new changes in a way that makes employees see it as an exciting challenge is a clever way of engaging them with the new technology.

Get feedback on the progress being made

According to eFront Learning, another way to effect change is to demonstrate how it makes employees’ work systems and workflows easier to manage. This is where employees who have already adapted to the technological change can help, by demonstrating how the new technology makes managing their work systems simpler and faster.  This is far more likely to win over those who were reluctant to adapt to the new technology.

Finally, it’s important to allow your staff to contribute to the change. Make them know how valuable their suggestions are for the organisation and its success. A Merchants article on ‘How Companies Are Failing To Digitally Transform And Improve Their Customer Experience’ emphasises that “a company that implements digital transformation correctly can improve their customer experience, increasing overall customer satisfaction”. Merchants makes it possible for organisations to deliver exceptional customer experiences through customer management outsourcing.

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