How to get into eSports

Competitive gaming has, for a while, been making its mark in South Africa. However, there is still very little information about it in our mainstream media. This can make it difficult for those who are interested in eSports to actually know what is going on and how they can get involved. So here is a breakdown on how to can get into competitive gaming.

What are eSports?

ESports is short for electronic sports. Like rugby players play rugby together in a team, so do eSports players as they play computer games against other teams. This doesn’t, however just take place at home with a group of friends. There are now huge eSports tournaments that take place around the world, in big arenas, and with huge crowds.

So then how can you get involved with eSports?
Follow eSports sites

You can start by bookmarking certain eSports websites. With so much happening in terms of competitions and news, it can be hard to keep up with the rapid development of eSports in South Africa. So pick websites, such as Mettlestate, which will keep you up to date on news and events taking place throughout the country.

Enter tournaments

If you want to get some practical experience then you should be entering LAN (local area network) tournaments. There will be many times where you will lose, but competitions are a great way of preparing yourself mentally for those big tournaments. Events such as rAge, which hosts the biggest BYOC (bring your own computer) LAN event in the country, are a great place to start.

Choose the right team

If after building up your knowledge and experience on eSports you still want to give the competitive gaming world a shot, then you have to choose the right team. Keep in mind that a club or team that does not pay a professional salary means that you are not a professional team.

There are clubs out there that will offer you equipment and other freebies, but at the end of the day, you need to pay for your living expenses. If it’s a team game, then chose a team that you can get along with because you will be spending a lot of time playing together.

Get the correct equipment

Getting the right equipment could mean losing or winning at a tournament. If your equipment is outdated or not up to the proper standard then it could hamper your chances of winning. A typical gaming PC could cost you up to R18 000 and more, so be sure to save up some money so that you can spend it on the right equipment.

Practice, practice, practice

Nothing must get in the way of you and your practice. In these sessions, you must draw up a schedule of things you need to improve on, such as your reaction time, speed, knowledge of the game and how your team members play the game. Getting in your regular practice time is important if you want to get to the same level as other players who are in it professionally.

The world of eSports is very competitive, so if you really want to make a living in the world of gaming then you have to put in time, money and effort. It may be difficult, but it’s not impossible if you really work for it.

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