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6 Benefits of working out

As a student you are faced with countless challenges each and every day. Your life is jam-packed with assignments that are due and tests that are all crammed into one week. And you still have to find time for a social life. It can be exhausting and time-consuming. You might find yourself feeling drained and as if life is sucking the energy out of you. Exercise can help revitalise your life. It will fight fatigue, boost your memory and concentration.


As a student, your life is filled with you rushing around to finish all sorts of assignments and prepare for tests. If you procrastinate or you place very high expectations on yourself, then you might find your life filled with anxiety. And even if you are highly organised the pressure from varsity can get to anyone.

Stress can lead to changes in behaviour and all sorts of illnesses. It can cause low energy, headaches and depression. Your life can be altered negatively because of all those sleepless nights filled with stress and worry. Working out can combat stress. If you work in a high-stress level environment or are in the middle of writing exams, exercise can be beneficial for your sanity.

Sleep like a baby

If you find yourself tossing and turning in the early hours of the night, counting those sheep won’t help you get a good night’s rest. Exercise will help you sleep peacefully instead of spending the night having your mind racing with thoughts of worry. Don’t reach for those sleeping pills to get a restful sleep, instead go jogging in the evening.

Feel good

If you want to inject happiness into your life, going to the gym just might be the best solution. Everyone is attracted to a person that has a zest for life and radiates joy. If you are feeling irritable and down all the time, then a walk might lift your spirits. Studies show that exercise is a mood booster and will leave you feeling lighter for the rest of the day.


Have you ever found yourself going blank during an exam? And you can’t understand why. You spent countless hours looking at your textbook, sacrificed that night out with friends to stay in for a full night of cramming. There is no end to books and too many studies can make the body tired. Take a break after a hectic study session to de-stress. Jogging or walking can do a body good. After the exercise, you might find yourself feeling much more relaxed and able to get more information in. Anxiety can lead to difficulty in concentration and forgetfulness. Exercise increases blood circulation and this leads to more production and improved memory.


Exercise will give you more energy. This might seem like a strange idea, but exercise boosts energy. When you are physically exhausted and stressed out from a long day, the last thing you might want to do is exercise. But that’s exactly what you need.

Lose weight

Exercise can help you lose the weight you have been dying to lose. If you eat right and you find the right workout routine, you will lose weight quickly.

Workout clothes

You have to find the right workout clothes for you. The more comfortable you are in your gym clothes, the more productive you will be. Most ladies, especially women with a smaller cup size tend, to neglect wearing sports bras. An exercise bra is vital because it will prevent your breasts from sagging. They give your breasts extra support and prevent too much movement. Cotton workout clothes are recommended because they absorb sweat, therefore they will have less of an odour after a workout. They are better than polyester workout clothes.

Heart rate monitor

An intense workout can lead to exhaustion, fainting, burnout and even result in injury. A heart rate monitor helps you set limits and find out how you are doing.


When you are going for a run, you might find yourself huffing and puffing with every move you make. You need water and lots of it. As you exercise the body loses moisture, therefore you need to continually hydrate. And you need to make sure you drink water before your workout too. Most people think they need to only drink water during and after their workout.

Exercise will help you sleep peacefully instead of spending the night with your mind racing with thoughts of worry and anxiety due to the pressures of school. It will impact your life positively because you will be able to concentrate and be an overall happier person.

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