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How To Find Balance Between Relationships And Studying In College

Studying in college is challenging even if you don’t need to balance it with your relations. And when there is one more personal matter to incorporate into your schedule, the task of being able to do everything and everywhere becomes even more difficult. However, it is quite possible to balance studies, relationships, hobbies, and even work. The answer to the question of how to do this can be summed up in two words – time management. However, in this article, we will share other effective tips as well.

Remote vs In-College Relations

A specific feature of student-time relationships is that students can either have long-distance relationships or meet a soul mate in college. In either situation, balance is important, and the advice we give works equally well in both cases.

Long-distance relationships can take as much time as college relationships because in the first case, you miss each other much more and the desire to spend a couple of hours on Skype can overshadow common sense.

College relationships also have pitfalls, as the feeling of falling in love and the desire to stay close to your partner all the time can directly affect your ability to concentrate and keep your academic success high.

However, you may overcome both situations with the help of the following tips.

How to Balance College and Love – 6 Tips

Below are effective tips for love and study balancing.

Come Up with a Balanced Schedule

So, as we said, time management and smart scheduling is the only way to organize your life in such a way that you have time for both studies and relationships. Plus, have time to work if you, like most students, need to repay your student loans. How to create such a schedule?

Alternatively, you can use time scheduling apps, or create a timetable in an old-fashioned way with a paper planner. First, mark the time you should be lecturing. Next, take a few hours to complete your homework. Allocate the remaining few free hours to your hobbies and/or sports, your relationships, and your social life.

Use this time wisely. For example, on Monday you can date your significant other. On Tuesday, you can devote your free time to your hobbies or volunteering. On Wednesdays, you can participate in college community life, attend extra activities or extracurricular lecturers.

The secret is that a clear organization of your every day always gives you the opportunity to do more in less time.

Be Smart With Your Academic Tasks

However, even the smartest planning will hardly allow you to cope with all academic tasks without exception. Or, you will have no personal time at all. Therefore, in order to balance your studies and personal life, you need to balance your academic assignments as well, devoting maximum time to those disciplines in which you are strong, which you are interested in, and which you will really need to enroll in university and for your future career.

Study Together

Doing homework together is another good way to stay close and have a good time. This will give you a sense of the importance of your common cause, and believe us, you will work on your homework with greater enthusiasm.

However, remember that studying together, in this case, means really studying. Agree not to be distracted by each other and work in silence until you complete your academic tasks.

Find a Common Hobby

Finding a common hobby is another great opportunity to spend time together and reboot from a strenuous study. What hobbies are suitable for both boys and girls? There are many options, such as cycling or rollerblading, going to the pool or gym, dancing in pairs, reading books together, drawing, and so on.

Prompt! If your interests are too different, this is not a problem, since spending time separately and dedicating it to yourself is just as important as dedicating it to each other. Agree that several times a week each of you has a few hours for a personal hobby, and this personal time is inviolable.

Prioritize Exam Period

Relationships are certainly good, right, and an important part of your college life, but your exams are even more important. Therefore, during the exam period, you need to be even smarter with your schedule, avoid any distractions and prioritize your academic success over any personal tasks.

Perhaps this period will be a test for your relationship, but do not forget that your significant other most likely should also prepare for exams like you. Therefore, arrange to meet a short time after each successful exam, and then immediately proceed to prepare for the next one.

And remember, there is a vacation ahead of you that you can spend together, and not be distracted by anything but each other.


Perhaps studying in college is exactly the period when everyone learns to balance between study, work, family, friends, and relationships. These are skills that will come in handy in adulthood as your responsibilities become more serious. Use this time to lay the foundation for your career success and start building strong relationships, because the more you do in college and university, the easier it will be for you to move on into adulthood.

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