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7 Ways to Be More Mindful In Your Daily Life

These days, being aware of the present moment with non-judgmental awareness has been getting a good rap. Once considered only a spiritual practice, it’s becoming more popular at work and home.

Studies have proved that being aware of what we’re doing makes us happier than daydreaming about something pleasing.

Beginning meditation is one of the fastest ways to develop mindfulness. However, the ultimate goal should be to incorporate it into daily activities to enjoy more prolonged clear, peaceful concentration periods.

What is Mindfulness?

Practicing mindfulness involves focusing on the present moment. It’s not obsessing about the past or the future but rather observing what’s happening now. Luckily, there are always opportunities to bring your attention to the present moment.

You have to choose always to do it. Once you do, you can eventually practice it any time of the day and see what a difference it makes to your life. Here are seven ways to start once you have the hang of practicing mindfulness.

Practice Mindful Eating

It’s essential to pay attention when eating. When we eat at our desks, while watching a YouTube video, or reading, we are not in the present moment of eating. According to research, when people eat mindfully, their digestion improves, resulting in more vitamins and minerals being absorbed and aiding their digestive system.

So the next time you eat, don’t look at your phone while you eat, chew your food mindfully, and become aware of your eating habits. Are you a fast or slow eater? Do you like the taste of your food? Perhaps your findings will inspire you to take on a cooking class.

Embrace Gratitude

By practicing gratitude, you are more likely to concentrate on what is positive in your life at the present moment. By keeping your mind on the positive, you can more easily come back to the present and not worry about the future or past. By focusing on the positive, you can then be better able to create your ideal future.

If you’re finding it hard to be present, you can use mindful cards to help you remain conscious. You can find mindful cards for adults online with a simple search.

Mindful Walking

Like eating, walking is a crucial part of everyday-whether you’re walking to work or school or going to the kitchen. Take note of your feet and legs each time you walk. Notice how your feet feel when they touch the ground, roll, and push off again.

Observe how each leg bends forward and how the calf and thigh muscles stretch. As your awareness sharpens, you can observe the rotation of your hip joints, how your arms swing, how your spine is straight, and the wind at your back.

Awaken Your Five Senses

Mindfulness can be achieved in various ways, including bringing your attention to the present moment. You should stop what you’re doing for a moment and focus on what is happening. Can you hear any noises?

Can you smell anything? Is anyone else around you doing something? Observe your surroundings through your five senses for a few moments, no matter where you are, what you’re doing, or whatever you’re doing, by practicing tuning your mind into the present moment.

Listen To Your Body

Whether you’re conscious about it or not, the body functions without your involvement – you breathe automatically, your heart beats constantly, and all your bodily functions continue regardless of your actions. Our bodies are continually communicating through sensations in the body.

Just take a moment and become aware of what your body is saying. Which part of your body is tense? Does your body feel heavy or light? Do you feel any aches or pains? By becoming aware of your body, you can realign your focus to the present and gain the information you need to better care for yourself.

Practicing Mindful Listening

Isn’t it cathartic after having that profoundly personal conversation with a friend? Especially when you felt like you let something out of your system? There is a good chance that even if your friend didn’t realize it, they practiced mindful listening.

Connecting and deepening our relationships with those we share our lives with is one of the best ways to improve them both at home and at work.

Before the other person has finished their sentence, resist the urge to start thinking about your reply. Rather than just listening to the person’s words, pay attention to everything they say. Pay attention to their body responses as well as to their words.

Pay Attention to Your Breath

A simple method to bring our attention to the present moment is to focus on our breathing. Although we breathe without consciously being aware of it, doing it while paying attention can help our mental focus.

You should be able to notice the way you breathe. Do you breathe shallowly or deeply? Concentrate on your inhalation and exhalation while taking five deep belly breaths. Then repeat it three times and practice it a few times throughout the day.


Hopefully, these exercises will help you gain insight into mindfulness without spending countless hours reading books or meditating. It’s great to do those types of mindful activities when you have the time, but it’s better to make it a daily occurrence to keep your mind focused and stay positive, feel happier, and be in charge of what you choose to attract staying present.

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