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How to Reach Out to Universities as a Student

During the Covid-19 pandemic and the ensuing global lockdown, traditional dynamics of everything from shopping to education have transformed into online solutions. For instance, various educational institutions started online classes, and e-commerce stores experienced a spike in sales. Screen scrolling and social media feed surfing time also expanded significantly, as more and more people resorted to these digital mediums to be informed about recent events and news.

The need of the hour for several prospective international students is a reliable platform to reach out to their dream universities. Fortunately, numerous educational portals on the internet provide outstanding recruitment services with instant chatting with administration representatives of international universities. Also, prospective aspirants can contemplate the following methods to reach out to potential universities around the globe.

College Study Fairs

Every year many colleges organize education fairs, and for prospective students, it is the best opportunity to interact with many reliable universities and their faculty under one roof. These education fairs are beneficial for students in many ways:

  • Universities representatives communicate with students and answer their queries on the spot.
  • Students can check higher degree programs or certifications as per their requirements.
  • Also, universities offer special discounts on admissions in study fairs.

Pro Tip: Attend your college education fair with proper planning to get the most out of it. List down your queries regarding the degree or course you are interested in, and ask detailed questions to the university representatives.

Online Educational Portals

In these digitally forward times, when the world has become a global village, online educational portals are a significant and hassle-free way to connect with the administration of numerous colleges and higher academic institutions in a few clicks.

All you need is to find an innovative education portal and get registered on it. These portals aid international students by connecting them with their perfectly-matched universities.

Pro Tip:  These portals have large social ed communities where many students, teachers, and mentors interact and assist upcoming aspirants. So, after getting registered, do join their community to get more opportunities and information.

Virtual Education Fairs

Virtual study fairs are excellent opportunities for international students to connect with their dream universities administration. These fairs allow students and admission representatives to link from anywhere worldwide and interact instantly via video calls or text messages. Unlike college education fairs, everyone can join virtual fairs and get information.

Pro Tip: List down your desired international universities, and on their news and event page, you will find details about the virtual fair. Attend as many virtual fairs as you find helpful and informative.


International students can also connect with their potential universities by emailing their admission representatives. At this point, it is significant to understand that email should be professional, without typos, well-structured, and precise. 

Pro Tip: Here are a few tips to write a professional email to any university recruitment representative:

  • Always write an email in a natural tone. It should not sound robotic or copied.
  • Proofread your email twice.
  • Keep your email precise and short.

Wrapping Up

After completing college, several undergraduates seek admission to international universities. It is an excellent time to get assistance from as many universities as possible and get the required information before finalising your decision. Therefore, being a prospective student, never hesitate to explore options and ask questions. Leverage digital platforms, participate actively in virtual study fairs and get registered to online educational portals for seamless admission procedures.

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