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Eating healthy on a student budget

Being a student often means eating take-out, quick and easy (not always healthy) meals, instant noodles and generally food on the go. You can choose to put your health first and change this by changing the way you think about food and your budget.

There are small changes you can make every day and every week that can see your food menu change without harming your student budget.

Buy Cheaper Proteins

Save the fancy steaks for special occasions and buy cheaper proteins such as eggs, milk, tuna, liver. You could also do vegetarian meals once or twice a week so save on meat but still have your daily protein intake in the form of legumes and meal replacement shakes.

Buy Frozen Fruit and Vegetables

If you think you can’t get your daily fruit and veggies because you don’t have the budget to buy them fresh every day think…frozen. Frozen fruit and vegetables have relatively the same nutritional value as fresh with the added benefit that you can use them as you need them. Use prepacked frozen veg to add to stews and soups, and stay healthy while on a budget.

Eat at Home More Often

Eating at home has so many benefits. You get to control your portion size and you know exactly what is in your food. Increase your desire to eat at home by planning your meals accordingly. Eating at home not only saves you money but puts you in control of what goes into your food. There are a lot of ‘added extras’ when it comes to food prepared in restaurants where they’re not afraid of salt, sugar and extra butter.

Make a List of Things You Need

This sounds like something your grandma does, but there’s a reason why; and it works. Making a list before you go shopping cuts down on impulse and duplicate purchases. Unless you’re someone with a photographic memory, you’re not going to remember what the exact contents of your fridge and pantry are. Taking a list with you, and sticking to it, ensures that you save money by not buying unnecessary items.

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