Are facials actually good for your skin?


Facials can seem like a great way to relax when you go off for a spa day with some friends. However, there are always those horror stories on the net of facials going wrong and reacting badly to a person’s skin. We take a look and see if these treatments actually good for your skin.

Facials aren’t made for all skin types

One of the things that you need to keep in mind when booking a facial is that treatments aren’t usually made for different skin types. Even if you go into the spa saying that you have sensitive skin, for example, it may not help. The aesthetician, the person who works at the spa giving specialized skin care treatment, may not have an in-depth understanding of skin types and the facials ingredients.

Facials usually have a mix of herb and plant extracts as well as different types of oils. Any number of these could react badly to your skin, causing a breakout. So if you are getting a facial, it’s best that you talk it over with your aesthetician to make sure that it won’t have a bad reaction.

Benefits are only temporary

After you’ve chatted with your aesthetician and made sure that your skin won’t overreact to the treatment, you’re probably ready to get this facial going. But what you should also know is that a facials effects are only temporary. Sure your skin may seem like it is glowing and radiant after the treatment, but this usually lasts a couple of days.

When it comes down to it the main benefit to a facial is actually the relaxation. Laying down for half an hour and having someone massage your face can do wonders for your mood and stress levels. So it’s no wonder that your skin looks great after a session, but in the end, these effects are only temporary.

Maybe go to a dermatologist instead

Getting a facial should be all about relaxation and getting a short-term glow. If you are going there for anything else then you are better off going to a dermatologist. These days you can do your own facial at home and even turn your bathroom into a mini-spa. Sure it may come up as more expensive, depending on where you go, but if you want results that will actually benefit your skin then you should go to a dermatologist.

When it comes down to it, if you are going for a facial, you should know what you are getting. Make sure that the facial will go well with your skin and don’t go in hoping for miracles. Enjoy that one hour of relaxation and make a booking with your dermatologist for another time.

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