Local Celebs that have spoken publically about their Mental Illness

Their glamorous lifestyle, millions of followers on social media and designer wardrobe has all got us thinking that being a celebrity is all fun and games.

But is it really?

Even though it may seem that they’re living la Vida Loca, these celebrities have encountered their fair share of rough times behind closed doors.

According to the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (Sadag), they estimate that one in five people suffer from mental illness once in their lives and the following celebrities prove that they aren’t immune to it.

Siya Beyile

The young and successful founder of The Threaded Man recently took to the streets of social media to detail his battle with depression. He expressed how he has always been honest about his depression but never really opened up about how it crippled him on a daily basis and affected his relationships with his loved ones. The 23-year-old has decided to get help with the support of his family and friends.

Sade Giliberti

YoTV child star and presenter Sade Giliberti has been vocal about how difficult life was as a child with depression especially when she got to a point where she began to harm herself.

Trevor Noah

Earlier this year at the Just for Laughs Awards when Trevor Noah walked away with the Comedy Person of the Year Award he took the time during his speech to speak about his comedic hero, Jim Carrey, and how he helped him discover his own depression and that motivated him to find a way to work through it.

Bonnie Mbuli

Actress and presenter Bonnie Mbuli exposed her fight with clinical depression in her autobiography, Eyesbags & Dimples. In her book, she unapologetically criticises society’s obsession with perfectionism and addresses the stigma surrounding depression.

Trevor Gumbi

Not only has Trevor Gumbi managed to overcome his depression, he also overcame his drug addiction that was due to sexual abuse that he endured as a child.

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