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Have three things that you are passionate about

When choosing your future career, sometimes it can be hard and sometimes downright impossible to decide what you want to do for the rest of your life. I hate to say it but the chances that you are going to do what you decided you are going to do when you are sixteen is what you are going to be doing at twenty-five is fairly slim.

One that provides you with an income:

If you are weirdly good at social media consider marketing. If you have the ability to help anyone get fit, consider the fitness industry. Passion for databases and organisation, consider going into business. Whatever you decide here, it has to be something you like doing and are suited to do, you can’t be a doctor and faint at the sight of blood. You also can’t be a bungee jumping instructor and terrified of heights.

One to keep you fit:

So you are the star of your High School Hockey team, You can swim faster than a turtle. Just because you finished school doesn’t mean that you need to stop. Many universities have sports clubs, even if you aren’t good enough to make Varsity team, you can still play for a Res team or a club. This is also a great time to try out new sports like fencing or rowing.

One to help you relax:

Varsity and work life can be stressful, long hours and less social time often result in some people getting lonely. Get a hobby, one that you can talk to people about and meet other people. Some restaurants have quiz nights, so grab a few friends and test your general knowledge, that weird fact about Mount Everest could be useful. Love reading books? Consider joining a book club or starting a blog about books.

Things to remember down the line

At some points, these can switch. What you do for fitness could be your career, or your hobby is suddenly your 9 to 5. If that happens, find a new third passion. The things you like and are passionate about at twenty-one can change dramatically when you get older.

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