Keep yourself busy during the vacation

Vacation of beautiful vacation – The greatest thing about being in school has to be the extended holidays. And you need them after exams, that’s for sure. When you daydream about these holidays you picture

man in white shirt eating

How to deal with moving away from home

That time of the year has finally come. It’s time to pack up and leave your home town to explore what life has to offer you. For many students, transitioning over to adolescence on their

woman with red lipstick holding lipstick

How to beat dry lips

Lips are the focal point of you face and we use them for so many things so we always want them to look polished and in prim condition. And let’s face it is rather embarrassing to

Money mistakes of millennials

When you’re young it is so easy to become lost in the here and now. Focusing on studying, getting a job, climbing the career ladder and living the life you’ve always dreamed about. You tend

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Tips for working at a fast food restaurant

Fast food restaurants are not everybody’s dream job, but it pays the bills no less. If you ever find yourself on the brink of handing in your CV at a fast food place, then it’s

Follow your passion to the future

We are constantly reminded that in order to be successful, you must work hard, maintain focus, keep caffeinated, stay positive, and be inspired. But with all of the hustle and bustle of today’s workplace, it