Follow your passion to the future

We are constantly reminded that in order to be successful, you must work hard, maintain focus, keep caffeinated, stay positive, and be inspired. But with all of the hustle and bustle of today’s workplace, it can be hard to find inspiration.
Eleanor Roosevelt once said that, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” And rightfully so.
You may have heard it before… do what you love and you will never work a day in your life. When a person is enjoying what they do, it does not feel like work.
Moving on from this, few people understand the incredible opportunity for success and prosperity that exists in the insurance industry. While it is important to understand, people skills and the ability to communicate are just as important, if not more so in this industry.
The challenge lies in roping in new talent as many people perceive the insurance industry as boringwell they are wrong!

Fresh new talent
FAnews, a magazine and online publication focussing on the South African insurance and financial services industry, launched The Insurance Apprentice in 2014, harnessing existing talent and bringing in new blood.

This online video series encourages young people to stay in the industry and ensures it continues to play a key role in the fabric of people’s everyday lives.
Following the successful first season of The Insurance Apprentice, viewers and readers caught a glimpse of the six apprentices, Aaron Mrabalala, Azhar Said, Matthew George, Mopedi Melato, Roxanne Moodley and Walter Ngobene as they strategically battled it out to be crowned the winner. Personalities clashed, opinions where had, but all in all it was a competition well played.
With just over 100 applications received, season two of The Insurance Apprentice officially closed its entries on 30 September.

Having received a mixed bag of applications from various age groups and professions, the quality of applications this year has been exceedingly impressive, with a host of professions that boast the career paths of the insurance industry.
Far reaching and wide, the competition is proving to be attractive as it sees the likes of Botswana, Namibian and university applicants apply for the competition.
Editor of FAnews, Rianet Whitehead said, “The quality of applications we have received this year are of a high standard and we are excited about the process lying ahead to choose the final apprentices.”

New twists and turns
This year brings in new twists and turns as the competition has been amped and is set to bring in eight contestants instead of six. Lloyds of London has once again confirmed that The Insurance Apprentice winner will be going to Lloyds – this is the ultimate prize for any young person in the industry.

With applications now closed, few selected applicants will go to round two in which the elimination process will commence and the final eight will be selected and revealed.
“Going bigger and better, season two of The Insurance Apprentice brings in a whole new ball game for the apprentices, from contestants to personalities, to judges and tasks. Having had six apprentices from very different backgrounds last year, it will be interesting to see how eight contestants will cope in the next series,” said Whitehead.

Armed and geared
From the beginning, the industry has embraced this initiative with open arms, and sponsors and supporters have jumped on board, armed and geared, to bring in fresh new talent into the industry.

This year the official sponsors are AON, CN&CO, FNB Insurance, Hollard, Inseta, Insure Group, Lloyds of London, Marsh Africa, MUA, Norton Rose Fulbright, Price Forbes, PWV Insurance Brokers and Stalker Hutchison Admiral (SHA). Sponsorships vary from programme sponsors to tasks, legal, venue and prize sponsors.
“We would like to thank all the sponsors for supporting The Insurance Apprentice 2016. Your support is appreciated beyond words. Thank you for your commitment in making The Insurance Apprentice 2016 a reality and for assisting FAnews in changing even more lives,” said Whitehead.

Stay tuned
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