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Tips for working at a fast food restaurant

Fast food restaurants are not everybody’s dream job, but it pays the bills no less. If you ever find yourself on the brink of handing in your CV at a fast food place, then it’s best to know what to expect beforehand. Being in the know of what to expect will allow you to make the best of situation and the most enjoyable experience of your life.

Avoid eating the food

Not only is consuming fast food on a daily basis extremely unhealthy, but it can also slow you down. Packing in too much fast food can lead to obesity, high blood pressure and even depression. Resist all temptation to regularly consume fast food, even if you’re offered staff discount. Although you’ll be getting plenty of exercise by being on your feet serving customers all day, try to take a healthy packed lunch to work.

Consider your safety

Fast food places are packed with heavy and dangerous machinery. Carefully go over the in-house rules and safety guidelines of the restaurant to ensure that you keep out of harm’s way. Many fast food works have injured themselves from hot kitchen equipment and slippery floors. Management has not only implemented generator financing for the sake of the lights going out, but also because to ensure worker safety at all times. On the first day of your job you will be instructed by management about the hazards of your work place, pay close attention during this time when you receive your training. If you feel your working environment is unsafe, discuss your concerns with your employer.

Take special care of your feet

Working in any restaurant typically involves you being on your feet most of the day. Should fail to take care of your feet, it can lead to personal hygiene issues and injury. The hours are long and at the end of a busy work day you will most likely feel that you want to fall asleep in a warm bubble bath. Standing for a long amount of time will not only strain your feet, but also your back. So be sure to invest in a go pair of shoes you can use for work. Preferably get two different pairs that you can alternate. Wear breathable cotton socks and buy orthopaedic insoles to cushion the impact your working day has on your feet.

When working at a till point it is advised to take the weight off your legs whenever possible. Periodically shift your weight from one leg to the other if you’re standing still for extended periods, this will reduce strain from your feet and make you less cranky.

Overall it is a fun experience that everyone should at least try once in life.

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