Pros and cons of living on campus

Staying on campus in first year is almost always a good idea because it’s a great way to make friends straight away. However, once those initial four terms are over, you have to decide whether

A change of wardrobe for your new job

Wardrobe includes; Slippers, T-shirts and worn-out jeans are out, while black, formal attire and neat shoes are in. This is the picture you need to have in mind when you step into your new job.


With the imminent release of results for public and private higher education institutions this week, many students will have to address the disappointing reality that they did not do as well as hoped. For some,

man holding brown leather bag leaning on white wall

Managing your finances as an intern

Not all interns get paid, but those who do will most likely not end up with a huge sum of money. Getting your foot in the door by at least one company is the best

Mile-high multi-taskers

Assumptions can be misleading, perhaps no more so than when the seatbelt signs go out and you settle back, accept a glass of chilled champagne and wonder how long it will take for dinner to