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10 tricks to get top exam marks

You may have made it through high school with a pretty loose studying strategy in place, but hitting the books at tertiary level requires much more commitment … and a much tighter strategy too. “Preparing

How to split bills with friends in South Africa

After skipping the starters and saying no to the chef’s special, the bill comes and without any hesitation, the person receiving the bill says, “Shall we just split the bill then?” Splitting bills simply tends

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Every young person can learn about finance

Hard work, unfortunately, isn’t enough to make it in the world. As has been noted, being technically proficient isn’t enough to make it these days. To succeed in your career is one thing, but ultimately

The Making of an African Psychologist

The field of psychology is probably one of the hardest to get into, qualify and practice in.This is due to the calibre of academic and personal qualities that a psychologist must possess.I fell in love

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3 tips for first-time renters

Getting your own place is exciting. Whether you’re coming from years at varsity res or you were previously living with your parents, it’s a great feeling. You spent ages searching for the perfect digs and