SA Public or Private Universities?

SOUTH AFRICA NEEDS BOTH PUBLIC AND PRIVATE UNIVERSITIES, PRIVATE ALONE NOT THE ANSWER There has been a growing narrative of misinformation related to “private universities” within the context of the crisis in the public higher

Could You be an Effective Counsellor?

With soaring violence, devastating levels of women and child abuse combined with the debilitating effects of endemic poverty, HIV AIDS and high unemployment, as well as the prevalence of bullying, gangsterism and substance abuse, it

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What to consider in a job offer?

The feeling is sensational. Euphoric. There’s nothing quite like it. For a few brief moments when that outstretched hand reaches towards you, you feel invincible, important, and untouchable. You’ve just been offered a new job.

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Buying your first car?

No matter how much affection we develop for our high school hand-me-down car, at some point it’s time to move on. It doesn’t matter whether you a recent grad with your first real job or

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“Writing an exam can be a very stressful experience for many learners, even when they were diligent in their revision,” says Dr Gillian Mooney, Teaching and Learning Manager at The Independent Institute of Education, South

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What to do after graduation?

Choosing what to do with your post-graduation life can be exciting and stressful (not always an even balance of the two). Though you may feel rushed and it may seem like everyone you know is