Mistakes that make your CV look outdated

Resumes, like many other marketing materials, have an expiration date. As technology changes and the job search process becomes more mobile, it’s important to re-evaluate and edit this important document periodically. Your resume is a

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How to beat exam stress

Every student who aims to become a high-achiever will experience exam stress. It’s an unavoidable part of student life that can be a tough nut to crack. Remember, stress exists for a reason and you

How to stick with your study schedules

Do you want good grades but you’re a little lazy? Whether you’re studying on a college programme for a career qualification or just for personal interest, you’ll want to make a success of it. You’ve

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Student cars and what to know

You might be considering buying a new car to help you get around the city that you’re going to be studying in. While having your own car might sound fantastic in terms of freedom and

Don’t Fall Into the Festive Season Trap

The general downturn in economic conditions and weak job market has had an impact on South African households. Despite a slight improvement in the number of impaired accounts, we still have a large number of

A day in the life of an airline pilot

As part of the SAA Pilots Association’s (SAAPA) drive to entice school leavers to consider a career in flying, Captain Jimmy Conroy (SAAPA Chairman) shares what a typical day in a pilot’s life entails. Airline

Global Education in your Reach?

Why a unique global education is actually not out of your reach Many yearn for an educational experience that transcends the norm and breaks the tradition, blazing along a truly 21st Century path and offering

Why businesses need to win the war on talent

Decades have now distanced businesses from the idea that their access to labour and investment in machinery would give them the competitive edge.  Instead, in the modern knowledge era, it is the ability to attract,

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7 ways to study like a pro

Exams are here. And you’re probably freaking out a little (or a lot). Everything you’ve been through this year – all the tests, assignments and essays – has all been to prepare you for this.

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6 quick tips for writing exams

The time has come. You’ve studied all you can study. Your brain is bursting with information. Now comes the hard part: actually writing the exam. As you walk into the exam venue, chances are you’re