Why is Education so Important in Our Life

Learning is a lifelong journey – it begins the moment we are born and lasts throughout our lives. Gaining more knowledge means expanding our horizons, changing our perspectives, and building our own opinions. Because of

9 lessons from a woman with a startup

I had the privilege to pursue my passion for quality swimwear and sustainability with the launch of my company, January and June. Coming from a small surf town in the Eastern Cape, building a brand of my

How to Shop Around for your Perfect Car

Buying your first vehicle is a big milestone and finding the right car can be difficult. But a car search doesn’t need to be difficult or time-consuming, you just need to know how to find

How to Increase Your Millennial Retention Rate

There is no gainsaying that the millennials are the workforce of the future. The percentage of millennials in today’s workplace is already on the rise. A study shows that they already make up about 35%

International Student Success Stories Part II

Every year more than a million international students spend time in the U.S studying at American Universities. When they arrive they face a number of challenges, from securing international student loans to language barriers. Sometimes

Preparing your budget for unexpected expenses

Unexpected events (expenses) such as illness or retrenchment can have a long-lasting impact on you and your family’s financial wellbeing. To help people prepare for life’s financial setbacks is one of the main reasons why

Essential study hacks for distance learning students

With all eyes directed at 2020’s first-year students as they start their journeys at various tertiary and higher education institutions across South Africa, it is also important to remember those tens of thousands of students

Graduates in high demand

Companies are increasingly appointing Hospitality Management graduates to senior positions outside of their ‘traditional’ roles, because of the tremendous breadth of transferable skills gained during their studies and practical training – particularly their ability to

Do’s and Don’ts on a First Date

I’m no relationship expert, love doctor or guru who is responsible for 50 happy couples. To be honest, I don’t even set up my friends. But I do want to share some insightful first date