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10 Signs You Should Be An Entrepreneur

Some people are just born leaders. Are you one of them? Do you want to be an entrepreneur? Well if you can recognize a few of the following positive signs, then chances are you have been on the entrepreneurial path for a while now.

1. You have a vision

You know what it is you want to contribute to the world. You want to introduce something that will increase the quality of life for others that hasn’t been done yet in the world, or in the communities you want to serve. For an entrepreneur to be optimistic they need to have a belief in what they wish to achieve and that in turn requires a vision.

2. Confidence

“As an entrepreneur, you are trying to do something that you’ve never done before, and, potentially, something no one has ever done before. To make it through the times when you feel frustrated, overwhelmed or uncertain, or when you have others doubting or criticizing you, you must have unshakable confidence in yourself and the value of your work. “

3. You’re motivated by challenges

A true entrepreneur is someone who always has his eyes on the horizon, looking for the next big thing. The “chase” does not have to be negative, though. When you apply it to a business or startup, it becomes a trait that fights complacency. You are constantly looking for ways to make your great business idea better. “

4. You are curious

“Entrepreneurship starts by asking questions. Why is there not a product that helps me do X? How could we build a product that better solves the target audience’s needs? Could technology make this easier, more efficient, more sustainable or more affordable? If you continually ask questions, you’ll find a problem to solve.”

5. The idea of a 9 to 5 job turns you off.

We are not saying there is anything wrong with a 9 to 5 job; We’re saying that you would rather focus a greater chunk of your time and energy on your own entrepreneurial ventures. If this sounds like you then this sounds like a sign that you might be an entrepreneur. The irony, especially at the beginning of a start-up, is that entrepreneurs can end up working from 7am-11pm…six to seven days a week. However, they say they love it, rather than feel obligated to do it.

6. You love new ideas. 

Ideas are like adventures for you. Often times you may get more excited about the idea than the actual work, and in the past you have definitely told people that someone took your idea and made a million bucks with it.

7. You’re a problem solver

You’re the Mr. or Ms. Fix-it type. You love to solve problems and figure out complex problems and situations. You love solving problems and coming up with ideas and therefore you’re a logical thinker.As an example If you have problems in your life and you’re able to pinpoint why you have this problem. Then you set out to ask yourself why and how you can resolve it. This means that you’re a logical thinker because as an entrepreneur, you will have similar problems.

8. You see opportunities everywhere

You can’t help yourself: you see the potential in every thing and every person. When you wake up in the morning, you’re raring to go because there are ideas to think up, tasks to set into motion, and businesses to be built. All of your imagination is engaged when you’re having fun! These ideas that keep coming to you are all fodder for your entrepreneurial side. You look for ways to turn them into viable businesses, or people who can do it for you.

9. You’re a people person

Not just with any person but with quality people. You easily stay away negative energy vampires or realize that they exist in your life. You feel better when you’re around lots of people and the opposite when you’re mostly alone. You get most of your energy when you work with groups of 4/5 or more. You’re the leader in your group, always the one with the ideas and someone others can just lay back and relax knowing that things will be decided for them, as a group.

10. You are a leader

You’re a natural leader, you do not like following the pack. You believe that there is more to life than trading time for money. Most of the time, you always question why people do the things they do – this is good because this means that your dominant personality trait is logic.

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