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Exam stress and how to stay calm

If there’s one thing that every student knows it’s that exam time is the season of stress. It’s a time when all ideas of fun go out the window and panic attacks are on the menu. Even the most diligent student can’t escape the inevitable stress of exams. Luckily, there are ways to limit the anxiety and boost your confidence.

Get a work out

Obviously, you want to hit those books and most of that means sitting at a desk indoors for long periods of time. It may help you pass your exams, but it’s not going to help with your stress levels. So, set aside some time to get out there and exercise. Try to avoid the gym and rather go for a walk, run or swim. The fresh air will help clear your head and you’ll be more prepared to take in all the information you need to learn.


all-nighters are a big part of a student’s life, but they don’t do anything to help your stress levels. So, if you’re feeling anxious, get a good night’s sleep. Your brain needs time to rest and sleep deprivation will negatively impact your studying. Rather put down the books and get some sleep than waste your time trying to cram information into an exhausted brain.


When you feel a moment of panic coming up, breathe. Take a moment to push out all the negativity and clear your head. Of course, you’re breathing all the time (that’s how you stay alive). But there are many breathing techniques that can make all the difference when you’re stressed out.

Schedule everything

Not everybody enjoys living life according to a routine. But a thoroughly planned out schedule could help ease the exam stress and keep you on track with your studying. Set out a plan that includes all the work you need to cover and when you need to cover it. Add some buffer time to all your tasks so that you don’t feel rushed or under too much pressure. And, of course, schedule some time to blow off some steam.

Organise study dates

Even if you’re doing call centre courses and your friend is studying events management, you can always just get together to keep each other company and encourage one another to focus. Having someone else there makes all the difference. If you feel like you’re suffocating under all the stress, at least there will be someone to talk to.

Exams aren’t easy and if they were, what would be the point? But you’ve been working towards this all year and you know what you’re doing. So, try to remain calm during the exam period and don’t let yourself get too worked up. If you’re able to think clearly it will make all the difference when you’re actually writing the exam.


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