5 books by South African women to read right now

South Africans are known for telling real and compelling stories, which is especially true for women who have been at the forefront of storytelling. So in honour of women’s month here is a list of books written by South African women to read right now.

The Yearning, Mohale Mashiga

Marubi is a young woman who lives in Cape Town, she spends her days living an idyllic life working at a wine farm and spending time with her friends. But soon enough something from Marubi’s past, something that has been lurking in the shadows of her life, begins to spill over into the present. This story looks at how the past affects the present and how it intersects with traditional and modern worlds.

The Goddess Mojo Bootcamp, Kagiso Msimango

This book is for women who want to get a man, whether it’s for one night or for the rest of your life. It is for women who want authentic relationships, not for those who want to learn how to manipulate a man to get what they want. For women who want healthy and happy relationships. It is about getting your mojo back, if you’ve lost it, and fine tuning it so that you can attract a healthy relationship.

Period Pain, Kopano Matlwa

Masechaba is a young woman who struggles to find her place in contemporary South Africa. This story looks at the heartache and uncertainty that many South Africans feel as they’re bombarded with headlines about corruption, corrective rape, crime, and xenophobia. It is through Masechaba and her story that we are able to interrogate and question these so we can rediscover our humanity.

Black Widow Society, Angela Makholwa

In 1994 three respected business women formed a group called the Black Widow Society. This organisation was aimed at liberating women trapped in physically and emotionally abusive relationships by assisting in eliminating their husbands. They operated for 15 years without being detected, but as they introduce more new members the well-run organisation soon comes to the brink of falling apart.

The Paper House, Dalena Theron

Twenty-two-year-old Anna lives with her two dads in a small town in rural KZN. After her parent’s divorce, she is now used to the questioning looks from her neighbours and Afrikaans family members. But soon after one of her dads falls ill. Her experiences of working as a reporter on the beat aren’t helping her deal with the situation. So how can she be a supportive daughter while trying to live her own life?

There are many books by South African women that need to be added to our reading lists, but you can start by reading through these ones.

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