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Unusual jobs you could consider

There are lots of jobs to choose from; the most common is the practise of law, medicine or education jobs. When you were younger you were only exposed to work that others told you about. When you got to high school you chose school subjects that gave you greater insight to what the world of careers can offer. But there are a few careers out there that no one tells you about.

Braille translator

Your job would be to convert and modify all kinds of text into braille for the blind. This will include different reading material to be converted from novels, textbooks, brochures, to music.

Dog food tester

Have you ever wondered if the beef flavoured dog food actually tastes like beef? There is a person who ensures that the beef flavour tastes like beef. If you don’t like the taste, there’s a much less chance that your pet will like it. If you always wanted to taste pet treats, you can do so and get paid for it.

Odour tester

Chemists working for companies actually need people to smell armpits of others, so they can tell if the deodorants and anti-perspirants actually do what they are supposed to. It’s not a job most would choose, but someone has to do it.

Snake milker

No, we’re not talking breast milk. To milk a snake means to get venom from the snake to create anti-venom. It would be your job to get a part of the antidote that can save someone’s life from a snake bite. If you think about it that way, it’s pretty cool isn’t it?

Chicken sexer

Who knew that a chicken sexer job actually exists? When chicks are born they all cuddle together in masses trying to stay warm. It would be your job to separate them according to their sex. Most of the male chicks get sent away for culling, while the female chicks are primed for their purpose as egg layers when they are older.


Prothetists are the people who create artificial limbs for those who need it. They will specifically design and fit the artificial limb to the person. They change lives by bringing back what was once lost. Not in a complete manner, but close enough that it feels like the real deal.

No matter what you do, do something in life that makes you happy. Yes, money is an important part of life to stay sustained, but at the end of the day so is your happiness. We all have a calling, a calling that is there to empower others and to positively contribute to society. Find out where you fit in this big circle called life and positively contribute to it.

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