Safety tips for student residents on campus

Crime is everywhere and trusting that it’s not on your college campus is naive thinking that will land you in trouble. Crime takes place in the most unsuspecting places. Therefore it’s always better to be

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Small changes with the biggest health impact

You’re young, healthy and with your life ahead of you. This is your chance to create healthy habits in your daily routine to improve your body and mind. It’s been proved following a healthy eating

The business of funerals

Have you ever thought about the person who will close the grave after a burial? Many people ask about funeral packages offered by a burial society, but they often forget the services of opening or

Millennials – Get used to a new workplace now

As a student, you’re probably dreaming about entering the workforce. You can’t wait to graduate. You can’t wait to start working. You can’t wait to start earning money. But the reality is, the workplace has

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Wake Up Feeling Great

Some people wake up daily looking for pain, looking for brokenness, looking for destruction, looking what went wrong the world. Look such people have nothing good going on for them! Because in fact, those who

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Dealing with Disappointment

Introduction: Disappointment is an inevitable part of life, casting a shadow over our expectations and hopes. Whether it’s a minor setback like a fuel price hike or a more profound blow like not being selected