5 Fashion Tips for College Students

Another school year brings new challenges for which you must dress accordingly. Every university fashionista knows that a successful day has to start with an n-point ensemble that will make you feel fierce and drive you towards your goals. We’ve seen comebacks galore but several updates to the retro styles, as well. If we love something, we love when fashion keeps finding ways to impress us and bring iconic styles to us. Need some inspiration for your 2022 college journey? Keep on reading for the latest college fashion scoop.

Choose crochet for summer

In 2020 crochet clothing was the talk of the town. Two years later, we still have trendsetters loving the stitch. So, if you’re having second thoughts about your iconic college look, pick anything crochet to build a timeless wardrobe. For tops, bottoms or accessories, crochet will be your way to go. Not to mention it will also allow you to express your conscious consumer sensibility. Include this wardrobe standard into your college outfits for the ultimate spring/summer look everyone will want to copy. In addition to crochet, we have knitwear as a very similar and equally fashionable trend. Maxi dresses were reintroduced as the hype of fashion in 2021, and they’re not going anywhere. Spring to summer outfits will be more pleasant if you introduce a knitwear maxi into your everyday college wardrobe. Not only will they offer a dose of stylishness but more ventilation, as well.

Comfortable clothes are back

Loungewear has never been more popular. Ever since celebrities started embracing the stay-at-home lifestyle the pandemic imposed on us, we’ve been loving comfy cardigan, t-shirt and sweatshirt/leggings combinations. Throw sneakers to the outfit plus your laptop bag, and you’ve got a trendy university-ready ensemble to feel comfortable and productive. Colours like black, white, beige, taupe and caramel are popular choices for loungewear, although you can find pieces in pastel hues that will look fabulous in spring.

Keep it stylish with accessories

Adding a few trendy accessories to an outfit can make a real difference. So, when you decide what you want to wear, be sure to include decorative pieces that will uplift your outfit. Mini bags are always welcome. You have to keep your phone and lip balm nearby for quick access, don’t you? Men should look into the recent belt trends and consider investing in fashionable wallets. Minimalism is the key when it comes to money and cardholders, so check out the latest innovations in minimalist wallets that offer the ultimate protection to your money while still keeping it fashionable. Don’t forget about hats to protect your head from the sun and add flare toy our outfit, at the same time. Fedoras, baseball caps and berets will look fabulous, allowing you to express your fashion sense.

Go for feminine and delicate cottagecore

Cottagecore is one of those trends that awakens the woman inside you and makes you feel more delicate than ever. Soft hues and sensible patterns such as garden blooms and hand-painted dandelions are all you need for another stylish day on campus. Daisies alongside earthy shades like lavender, peach, and sage will allow you to embrace the Mother Nature wave and feel your most feminine side all the way. Dresses and two-piece top and skirt sets in mentioned patterns alongside a pair of wedge sandals scream college 2022 best-dressed student. Incorporate a woven sun hat in the mix and add the needed protection and charm to your style.

Embrace platforms again

There’s something about heels that makes us feel fierce as soon as we make the first step wearing them. In 2022 you won’t have to worry about tired feet because platforms offer both the feeling of power and comfort. Would you like a pair of thick clogs, or are you more of a moccasin kind of girl? Boots, sneakers, and even slippers feature a platform for more height and an elevated sense of power. Whether you’re going for a class or plan to grab a few drinks afterwards or join the party late in the evening, platforms will look fabulous with any fashion combo. Satin, patent, neon or nude, invest in a pair or two of platform shoes to look fashionable all day long.

Final thoughts

When you need to make your college days more of a thrill, elevate your wardrobe with the latest fashion trends. Dress for success to let your outfits inspire and motivate you for every class. With crochet combos, platform shoes, knitwear and gorgeous accessories you’ll be able to conquer the world.

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