South African eco-friendly fashion brands

When it comes to the world of fashion, many products are made using cheap materials and harmful chemicals. But there are fashion brands out there, even in South Africa, that strive to make clothing that is organic or made from recycled materials. Some even strive to cut down on their use of chemicals, industrial by-products and to reduce waste. So here is a look at some of the more environmentally friendly clothing brands in SA.


This clothing brand provides ethical and eco-friendly clothing that is made from organic fabrics. It uses locally sourced cashmere, bamboo, soy, and corn from rural communities, as well as organic cotton from Lesotho. This brand also supports sustainability through collaborating with local crafters and artisans and taking part in up-cycling projects. It is basically designed to be clothing with a conscious by reflecting your environmental and social stance.

Digital Nature

This brand is all about incorporating technology with fashion as its clothing is made through 3D printing. According to its creator Kiara Gounder, this method is a form of additive manufacturing whereby the technology that you use ensures that only the required amount of raw materials gets used in the manufacturing process so that there is no product wastage.


Spiritgirl is a clothing brand that focuses solely on making beautiful custom-designed yoga pants. This brand was created by two environmentally conscious Cape Town-based women who make these pants from recycled plastic bottles (PET). They are also are comfortable, breathable, and are designed to absorb moisture from the body – keeping you cool and dry.

The Joinery

The Joinery is an organic and ethically inspired brand that was created on the principles of collaboration with local artisans and designers. It looks to provide an alternative method to the usual way of producing accessories and clothes. It also aims to produce as many products by hand as possible so as to reduce the company’s carbon footprint. It also uses hemp fabrics and organic cotton where possible. The majority of the clothing is also made by female fair trade sewing cooperatives in local townships.

Naked Ape

This Johannesburg-based brand is all about using ecological and economical fabrics in making clothing that is elegant and luxurious. So they aim to use natural fibres and blends that predominantly comprise of cotton, wool, linen, hemp, bamboo, silk and leather. Their items are tailored to give a comfortable feel with an impeccable fit, while also being great for the environment.

As you can see, there are many eco-conscious fashion brands in South African that are striving to make environmentally-friendly choices when it comes to their production process and use of raw materials. So if you want clothing that is better for the earth, any of these brands would be a great place to start.

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