Eyeliner 101: Tips and Tricks

Firstly I’d like to point out that even though my eyeliner always looks flawless it takes lots of practise and I don’t always get it perfect on the first try. I have been wearing eyeliner since I was 12 so I have had a LOT of practise and learnt a lot of tricks along the way. Eyeliner is a pretty essential step since it frames and highlights the eyes giving them depth. There are many types of eyeliners out there. I always like to keep a cotton bud dipped in eye makeup remover handy to clean up any mistakes or rough edges. We have the pen liquid form which is by far my favourite I’m really loving the bourjois mega liner which has a very unique flat nib which makes it easy for me to just create dashes and form a line easily simply by dabbing across although it states that it last 24 hours it is not at all waterproof so you really need to stay away from water 1 drop of water and it becomes a wet runny black mess but the benefits of the unique shape of the nib which I haven’t found in any other brand makes this still my fave. It’s highly pigmented. I prefer pens as I feel they are the quickest and easiest to use although for novices it can get very messy.

Then we have good old eye pencil this is what I started with and it is the best for beginners my fave is the essence long lasting eye pencil this one doesn’t need to be sharpened as it is a pen form so you just twist. It is really long lasting and waterproof so doesn’t shift at all throughout the day. To make this even more long lasting and soften it up a bit I like to set it with an eyeshadow of the same shade I really like using the matte eyeshadow from the Justine luxe eyeshadow pallete. Also this form of eyeliner is great to use under liquid to perfect the shape and style you want. Then we have eye shadows that can be used for a more natural and soft look I do this for day wear looks when I wear bold lips.

Then we have liquid liner in brush form I honestly have one of these as my first liquid liner purchase pre-pen age and I have never gotten use to it. Lastly we have gel liner this creates a more softer look than liquid but is a bit more time consuming since you need to use a brush but I highly recommend the essence gel liner it stays put forever I even battle to remove it in the evenings and is really good value for money since essence products are cheap as chips.

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