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How to make money as a student

Times are tough. As a student, you have a lot of things that you want to do, buying the latest gear, organizing that trip to Durbs for the December break, taking your crush out to see the latest Fast and the Furious (not really the most romantic movie to go watch but she’ll appreciate the effort) or even paying your tuition and accommodation. It would be great doing all of these things but the biggest constraint you face as a student is money. You’re most probably studying so that you can make money in the future but it wouldn’t hurt having a bit of cash to yourself while you’re studying. Lucky for you, living in the 21st century has its perks, there a quite a few ways that you can make money as a student.


If you have a passion for something which you would like to share with the world, all you need to do is brush up your writing skills and start a blog. There a lot of blogs on the internet so you need to make yours interesting and accumulate a readers, with traffic coming into your blog, you can then join affiliate programmes or Google Adsense and monetize it, this could bring good revenues your way with a bit of patience and hard work.


Entrepreneurship starts at student age and even if you do not regard yourself as ‘entrepreneurial’ there is always something that you always buy which you could find a way to sell to others. Without money, having a physical store could prove problematic but opening an online store would be easier, cheaper and more profitable. Creating an online store is not difficult, in fact, you would probably find more difficulty finding a product and pricing t and marketing it so that people buy from you. With platforms like WordPress and Shopify, you could have your own shop up and running in no time.


As a student, you probably have skills or academic knowledge that you can teach to others. Tutoring is a great opportunity to help others with what you’ve succeeded in while getting paid. You could either join a tutoring agency where they will get you clients and pay you a fee for every lesson or you could go private where you find your own clients, charge your own fees and do your own admin.

Being a Social Media Brand Ambassador

Students spend at least 2 to 3 hours daily on social networks, they should at least find ways to make money out of this.

Saving and Investing

As much as the aim is to make money, you need to know how to save and grow that money. Opening stokvels and savings accounts is would be very beneficial in the future and also learning how to invest and actually starting to invest is pivotal to the growth of your money.

Getting a Job

Although time is another constraint, getting a job is a good way to earn money while building your CV for your future job. With that being said, you need to have the right preparation tools to actually get you the job you want.

These are just a few things you could look into as a student who wants to make money, with the right attitude and willingness to learn new things, you could see yourself being the next Mark Zuckerberg.

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