How to ensure that your bursary fund is in line with your career goals

1. Choose a career path

Before anything else you need to know which career path you would like to follow and then you would be able to choose the appropriate field of study to be able to achieve that dream. Once you have decided, find a bursary fund that specifically caters to this field of study and work from there.

2. Set short term and long term goals that you need to achieve in order to get on the right track

Setting goals is a perfect step by step process to help you visualize the future you want and then make it a reality. This gives you the opportunity to see what your dreams are and what you need to work towards. Goals are basically guidelines but what you do about it is what matters. Set your goals, implement them and reap the rewards.

3. Select a bursary fund that will help you financially over the full course of you tertiary education

It is imperative that you select a bursary fund that will be able to pay out the full amount of your tuition fees, instead of only half a year. There is no point in having a bursary fund that is not completely able to meet your financial needs from the beginning up until you have obtained your qualification. Choose wisely.

4. Find out if you would need to pay the bursary fund back or not

Some bursary funds require that you work for them once you’ve completed your studies in order to pay them back, figure out if this would be a step in the right direction career wise and if it will help you gain the valuable working experience that you will need to prosper in the corporate world. Make sure it is a win-win situation.

5. Lastly work hard

Make sure that you work hard and excel in your studies to ensure that you keep the bursary fund and in the process also get recognition from prospective companies that you would want to work for in the future, because of your stellar academic records. It might sound like a cliché but hard work does pay off. Remember, what you put in, you get out.