How to not get your drink spiked


We’ve all heard horror stories of people’s drinks being spiked. The scary thing is that it can happen to anyone at any time. So if you’re out at a party how do you prevent your drink from being spiked? Here is some advice to help keep you and your drink safe.

What does it mean when your drink is spiked?

A drink is spiked when a foreign substance is introduced into a person’s drink without their knowledge. These can include drugs such as Rohypnol (Roofie), which is a sedative, or Ketamine (Special K), an anaesthetic that is used on animals. It is often done with the intent of causing the person to be unconscious, disoriented, or to lower their inhibitions. So how do you prevent this from happening?

Don’t let someone else make your drink

If someone you’ve just met offers you a drink, make sure that you go with them and watch them make it or buy it for you. You don’t have to accept any drinks offered to you by strangers. If you’re unsure you can always say no, it’s better to get your own drinks anyhow.

Order unopened bottles

If someone offers you a plastic cup or glass with a drink in it, you probably have no idea how they made the concoction or what’s in it. Rather be safe than sorry and ask for bottles and cans instead. It also makes it a lot more difficult for someone to spike a bottled drink than a cup.

Watch your drink at ALL times

No matter what party you’re at, it’s never a good idea to leave your drink unattended. If you want to head off to the bathroom or to the dance floor, rather than leaving your drink on the table give it to a friend to watch over. If you just had to leave it behind with no one watching, then it’s better to get a new one instead.

Look for signs of tampering

If you’re not sure if your drink has been dosed there are signs to look out for. If your drink was moved from where you left it, if there is more or less liquid than you remember, strange fizzing or bubbling, a weird odor, if it’s a different colour, if it tastes weird or if there are any floaters of any kind – then it may have been spiked and you should get a new drink.

Getting your drink spiked is never a good experience. So to prevent this from happening to you and your friends, make sure to practice these tips so that you can party safely.

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