HP Sprocket the party printer

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So a few weeks ago the HP Sprocket arrived on my desk and I was quite excited. I really wanted to compare it with the Polaroid camera that we had reviewed last month. We quite liked the camera thinking it was fun and useful. We also found we really enjoyed the Sprocket.

What is the HP Sprocket?

The HP Sprocket is a portable printer that prints instant photographs. It connects wirelessly to your phone and allows you to edit and print your photos. It allows printing from your various social media accounts or just camera roll.

The edit function allows you to edit the photographs and add your own frames as well as adjust the colours or whack on silly filters and emojis.

The printer is compatible with both android and apple devices so allows most friends to be able to connect to the printer at a party. This allows printing of your event live.

What is similar to the Camera?

  • They use the same Zink paper so the prints are the same size.
  • They both connect via Bluetooth to your phone.
  • Both use a chargeable battery, so you can use them wirelessly.

What wasn’t similar to the Camera?

  • The edit function:
    • The HP Sprocket has more filters, frames as well as filters.
  • Camera function
    • The HP can’t take or record photographs.
    • It can’t store your images either.

How much does it cost?

The HP Sprocket comes in white and gold or black and silver. The base costs R1999.00 from HP’s website currently. The photos are between R199.00 and R399.00 for their branded Zink Papers.

What we liked:

The HP Sprocket prints fairly quickly and quietly. This allows for you to print photos at a family gathering without it being noisy. Everyone was excited even the granny and wanted their pictures printed.

What we would have liked:

We would have liked the HP to print the photographs so that they weren’t too dark. Even with pre-lightening, the photographs unless taken in a lot of natural sunlight looked dull and dark. If taken in a lot of natural sunlight than the photographs came out light and fresh looking.

The Sprocket was sent to us to review but we weren’t paid to review it. It has been sent back so we no longer have it. 

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