3 Reasons to Create Your First Website Using WordPress

For a small start-up business to succeed, it needs to reach a broader scope. One of the most common methods of promoting your business is through an online website. However, not all business owners can afford a website domain, let alone a web designer. Fortunately, WordPress can help owners take the first step into business expansion and networking. Here are the reasons why creating your website using WordPress is perfect for small businesses.

You Can Save Money

Hiring a web developer may cost from $2,000 up to $25,000, which is what employees working for big companies expect. However, small businesses may have difficulty with allotting a considerable amount of money for the company website, which is why they resort to WordPress. The content management site provides activities with their website at an affordable price. Premium membership fees are about $100 or less in a month, making it a sustainable and suitable choice for start-ups.

WordPress is User-Friendly

Business owners with no knowledge on how to create and maintain websites will have difficulty in doing the job on their own. However, WordPress makes it easy for beginners with its interface. You also do not have to worry about maintaining the website as updates, security maintenance, and optimization are achievable in a single click. If you need a step-by-step guide, you can check out WordPress for dummies.

You Can Get Creative

WordPress is the perfect choice for bloggers who want their websites to represent their personality and blog theme. Business owners can copy bloggers’ idea by creating their site in a way that best represents their brand or product. A WordPress member has access to over thousands of free and premium themes, giving the user lots of options and fuel for creativity to take over.

WordPress is a promising option for start-up businesses because of its low price, eliminating the need to hire expensive web designers for a website that does not fit your preference. It is advisable for business owners to try WordPress and use the allocated money for web design to other resources.


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