Go on a safari as a student

Many students live a very basic lifestyle while attending university or college. After all, without working a full-time job any monthly income needs to be stretched to cover living expenses, study needs and entertainment. Most students have part-time jobs to supplement their lifestyles and yet the earning potential is limited. However, as a student, you can still save up some money so as to make the best of this time in your life. While studying, you’re afforded holidays and time off that you won’t have when you begin working full time. You want to make the best of this free time.

Saving for a great holiday while you’re a student might seem impossible. But there are many options available for travel to those who are finishing off their tertiary education. One of the most exciting adventures to go on, which allows you to explore South Africa in all of its splendour, is an African Safari. There is no better break than being out in the wild and the bushveld offers a particular kind of magic that all South Africans should enjoy at least once in their lives. Of course, any holiday you decide to take will cost you money but there are ways of enjoying an African Safari on a budget. But only if you do your homework properly and speak with tour operators who can negotiate packages for you.

Here’s what to consider if you have decided that an African safari is a holiday you would like to enjoy while a student.

Low season is best

As with all holiday destinations, safaris also have a low season. By planning your trip during this season you’ll be able to make use of any discount deals or packages on offer. What’s more the prices of entry into the reserve, the accommodation on offer and the different experiences the lodge boasts are all more cost effective than in high season.

Try to head out on safari when the weather is cooler though, as you’re more likely to see wild animals on every game drive. Also, autumn is a great season to travel as the trees and bushveld have less lush greenery which means you’ll have more animal spotting opportunities.

Choose to drive yourself

There are game farms that’ll allow you to drive yourself through their reserve. This means you can use your own car and you’ll save on the expense of joining a prearranged game drive through the park’s management. But you need a car that can handle the terrain or you need to visit a game park that has flat roads which are easy to travel on no matter the type of vehicle you’re using. Also by heading out on your own personal game drives, you can enjoy the wildlife and bushveld at your leisure. You won’t be rushed or on a time schedule, as is the case with a game drive organised by the lodge.

Use your camping experience

If you and your family have enjoyed many camping trips then you are likely well-equipped to handle sleeping in a tent. This is, of course, the cheaper option when it comes to accommodation. By setting up your own campsite just outside of the reserve you would like to explore, you can cut out the heavy accommodation costs and also allow yourself the freedom to pack up and go when you want to. You could even choose to visit a number of different reserves in one trip.

Sign up as a volunteer

There are many different volunteer projects that will take on student volunteers which usually run from between two and four weeks. There’s a cost involved, but the experience is invaluable and you’ll be doing your bit to assist with the many environmental concerns that plague our planet. The accommodation and facilities are less than luxurious but your basic needs will be met. Becoming a volunteer is also an excellent addition to your skills on your CV and impress your future employers.

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