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Preparing your bedroom for exam time

If you can’t study at the library, you’ll most likely find yourself behind a desk in your bedroom. During exam time you’ll probably find most of your time behind the door of your bedroom. For this reason, you need to transform your space into one which you can work in.

Remove all your clutter, free up the chair that always has shirts hanging over it and take off all your posters that may cause distraction. Your room ought to officially become a no-technology zone during your study time. This includes your phone, TV, laptop or gadgets that can maximize the distraction and minimize your time.

Replace posters with timetables and motivational quotes

A study timetable will create structure in your day. As you become used to it, you will be able to follow a daily routine which will aid you in your study time. However, create a timetable with a realistic approach. You already know your strengths, if you’re a morning person, use most of your time to study in the morning rather than until late at night.

Write down your goals for the day and put up on your wall as a reminder. Not only will it help you stay on track but you’ll also feel a sense of accomplishment as you tick off your achievements. Put up motivational posters that will keep you going. Whenever you reach a slump, all you need to do is read the poster and remind yourself why you’re putting in all the effort.

Get enough sleep

An average of four hours of sleep the night before your exam may seem like an ideal way to secure an 80% test mark, but it’s the last thing you should be doing. Sleepless nights aren’t going to increase your grades. It will only leave you with a tired mind and dark circles. Get under the blankets and make sure you’ve slept at least seven hours the night before an exam. Lack of sleep might lead you to forget what you’ve already studied.

Avoid stress

Try to relax and avoid thinking about the amount of work you need to study. You’ll do more harm than good stressing about the exam a few days before. The more anxious you are, the less you will be able to study. Pace yourself, take breaks and practice yoga to reduce stress.

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