What you should do in your gap year

Coffee or tea? Stay in or go out? Some decisions in life are easy to make. But others are more complex. As a student or young adult you may be at a crossroad in your life and confused about the path you should take. You don’t know what to do with the rest of your life. Should you study, travel or work?

Some people know what to do with their lives right off the bat. And for others it takes a whole lifetime to figure it out. If you’re undecided about the next step then maybe you need to pause and reevaluate. Because there are some decisions we make that can impact our whole life but they need to be well thought out.

Here are a few things you could do in your gap year.


You’re young and the world is your oyster and you should lap up all that life has to offer. Climb Kilimanjaro, walk the streets of India and bungee jump Victoria Falls. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed and you need to make the most of life while you don’t have the responsibility of a family and work pressure. So buy the plane, bus or train ticket. Because you won’t only be exposed to new experiences but you’ll grow as an individual.

Just make sure you’re prepared and pack all the necessary essentials. Learn about the weather and culture of the place you’re visiting in order to pack accordingly. And you’ll need to cut down on costs because travelling can be expensive. You have to buy your plane ticket, pay for accommodation and meals. So before you embark on your journey  take advantage of end of season promotions. You might find luggage sales or marked down electronics such as digital cameras.


Taking a gap year is the perfect opportunity to  volunteer locally or internationally. You’ll kill two birds with one stone, you will make a difference in someone’s life and meet new like minded people. Volunteering can also advance your career because you’ll learn soft skills which you can add to your resume. And it’ll also create a positive impression on your future employer

Au pair

Au pairing is a fun way to explore a new country while working with children. You’ll spend lots of time with your host family which means you’ll be immersed in their culture.You can even learn a new language. And the added bonus to au pairing is the free accommodation and food.

Work on a cruise ship

You could spend the year working on a cruise ship. You’ll get to travel to different destinations and get paid for it. You’ll also get accommodation for free while you’re employed. And you’ll be enclosed on the ship most of the time so there won’t be a lot to spend your money on. Which means you can save up your money for a car or use it to buy textbooks if you decide to study further.


Whether you want to blog about fashion or food, you could use the year to jot down thoughts about your interest. Blogging is a good way to turn a hobby into a business and make money. You can run ads on your blog and earn an income.  You could use different models of internet advertising such as Pay per click where an advertiser will pay you once someone clicks on their ad.

Sport coach overseas

If you’re naturally athletic and have a keen interest in a certain sport then why don’t you coach youngsters. You’ll be able to motivate the children and make a difference in their lives. And you’ll be able to train them on the field and be a chief supporter on the sidelines. Your team won’t only benefit but you’ll also grow and develop as an individual.

Teach English

You could also teach English to children abroad. You’ll work in different destinations around the world such as South Korea or Japan. You’ll be exposed to new people, culture, history and Cuisine. Imagine eating unagi (a river eel grilled over charcoal) in Japan or visiting the Taj Mahal in Agra.

There are some things in life which can’t be learnt from a textbook and they can only be learnt through experience. Taking a gap year could be very beneficial for you. You could grow, learn and earn money. It could help you make the transition from high school to varsity smoother. Because it could help you figure out what to do with the rest of your life.

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