How to Get Through your First Breakup

One of the most paralysing things you can ever hear from someone you love are the words “I think we should start seeing other people”.

Your whole world immediately comes crumbling down, heart shatters into a million pieces and the pain is like nothing you have experienced before.

All you want to do is stay in bed the whole day, eat a tub of ice cream, read old texts and go down memory lane of how you felt when you met him for the first time, shared your first kiss and the first gift he got you.

‘Your life is over’ you think to yourself but the truth is, it’s not. Break ups are the worst and sometimes you have no idea on how you going to ever get through it, if you ever are but here are a few tips that can get you through this tough time.


Cry your heart out. Allow yourself to just cry, cry, cry and cry some more. Hold nothing back and just let your emotions pour out. Get all those tears out your system now rather than later where it seems just a tend bit fishy why you aren’t over your ex. Cry and get it out.

Ps: there’s no shame in crying.

Take the time to spend time on your own 

You can rebound later, for now, it’s important to focus on yourself and everything that makes you happy. And no, this doesn’t give you the license to get back together with your ex. No contact with your ex whatsoever until you at the point where you can talk to him without having flashbacks of the relationship. This may take a few weeks or months but just trust the progress.

Support system 

The world may be a cruel place but this is the time to put your trust in your family and close friends. They may give you unwanted advice but that comes from a place of love. Having them around also serve as a form of distraction whilst adding some fun back to your life.

Write it out 

Get a diary and simply write everything down. How you feeling. Your made up scenarios of how things could have turned out. Your denial. Just write everything down. Go one step further and write a letter to your ex with no holds bar. Just don’t send it to him. Remember no contact at this point. This is solely for you and you alone.

Talk it out

If writing is not for you. Talk to someone about how you feel. Let everything out – hold nothing back. Bottling up your emotions is not a good idea. So confide in someone that you trust and know won’t judge you.


Last but not least remain hopeful! It might seem like the sun is never gonna shine again but it will. Maybe not today, or tomorrow or anytime soon but believe me, it will. Take all the time you need to get over him and once you have.

Look forward to the future! 

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