Why Visit Canada While You Are in Your 20s

Canada is an amazing country with plenty of things for anyone to have a good time. However, time and time again, people say that the best thing you can do is visit the north while you’re in your 20s. Why? Let’s just say that some things are just easier done when you have all of your energy and none of the responsibility. Sounds like the 20s to me, so let’s see what the must-stop spots are:

Party like there’s no tomorrow

When you think about Canada, you’re probably not thinking “party time!”, but rather that it’s a place to relax and enjoy nature. Well, you’ll be surprised when you find out that Canada’s own St. John’s has more clubs, pubs and party places per capita than any other city in North America. Even Las Vegas can’t hold a candle to this little place. In St. John’s, everyone is welcome, and there is certainly a place for anyone. It has a huge variety of settings, moods and music genres, so if you enjoy a wide range of fun, you can easily go through more than ten clubs in a night. The locals are very friendly towards strangers and will greet you with open arms, often accompanied by drinks, invitations to visit and go for dinner tomorrow. It’s a great way to both start and end your Canada adventure. If you like to party, but not this much, you can anchor in Montreal, which not only has a great party vibe, but also hosts the country’s biggest music festival.

  Go on an adventure

As we get older, we tend to prefer security and planning. But when you’re young and looking to have a great time, then what you are hungry for is an adventure. Ditch the bus ticket and grab a map, because you’re driving your way through this scenery. One of the most pure ways you can experience this place is to do a self-drive Canada tour. Look around to find a route that you like, from Alberta glaciers to the fast-changing scenery of the Rockies. It’s perfectly fine to have a route planned because the real freedom comes from the choice to stop next to the road, sit on a rock and just take in the world around you – whenever you want. Make sure you are fully stocked for the ride and that you have plenty of gas stops along the way. You can book accommodation along the way, sleep in the car or…

Spend time in nature

Say goodbye to hotels, rental rooms and homes on wheels because you’re going camping. Tents are a good option, but sleeping in a bag next to the fire is even better. If you’ve never been camping before, make sure you go through basic training to be able to find your way out of any unplanned situation, and make sure at least one of you knows how to make s’mores! The nights you will spend underneath the stars, waking up with the morning dew and living in unity with nature is sure to give you a whole new appreciation for the world you live in. Unplug, disconnect and enjoy the company of the people who are there with you. It’s the perfect place to think over big life decisions, write a book or get in touch with yourself.

Visit a town event

There are several traditions in different Canadian towns that will leave you feel awkward, confused and having the time of your life. One of such is Alexander Keith’s birthday. Every year, Halifax is home to the best birthday party in the world. Mr. Keith died a long time ago, but he left behind a good memory and a damn good beer, so make sure you go and leave a beer cap on his gravestone with the locals. Another example is the Calgary Stampede, which is the place where all things cowboy come together for a mad party. Everyone is wearing plaid, has their cowboy hat on and is very likely riding on a horse.

Visiting Canada is something that you are sure to remember for the rest of your life, so don’t hold back and go have the adventure of a lifetime!

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