5 New Years’ Resolutions about Travel that are totally achievable

The New Year is here! Which means it’s time for New Year’s resolutions. This year, set some realistic goals (ones that won’t already be broken by February) and even better, make them about travel. You won’t regret it, we promise ? Come take a look at our totally achievable New Year’s resolutions about travel.

Ready to go exploring?

1. Go somewhere new at least once a month


Don’t panic! This doesn’t mean you have to visit a new country at least once a month. Although if you’re living in Europe, this isn’t completely out of the question ?

We’re talking about going to that bar that you’ve never got around to visiting, going for a weekend away in that city that’s only a few hours on the train from you, or checking out that museum that’s always been on your list.

While you might be busy studying and working during the week, make the most of weekends to tick off some new places. It doesn’t have to be an epic excursion. But, something to keep that wanderlust alive is always good, right? ?

2. Spend more time going to see family and friends


In the age of social media and technology, it’s easy to slip into the mindset that you’re keeping in touch with friends and family just fine. A quick text here and there, the tags on Facebook, the endless Snapchats etc etc.

But, how much time have you actually spent face to face with your friends and family recently? Because let’s be honest, nothing beats it.

So, this year, hop on that bus, drive those six hours, take that plane ride to the other side of the country. In short: make time for your loved ones. Time really does fly. Don’t live to regret that you didn’t take the time to make memories with those you hold closest to your heart.

3. Spend less money buying that coffee every morning and more on travel


Wait, why are we talking about food? Because brewing your own coffee at home and taking it to work or school = saving tons of money for those awesome trips and travel plans.

Don’t believe me? The average takeaway coffee costs $4 (Australian Dollar) and there’s an average of 260 working days a year.

$4 multiplied by 260 = $1,040. Yep that’s right, you’re spending over a grand on coffee every year my friends. #oops


So what else could you get for $1,040?

You get the idea. And it’s not just the takeaway drinks. Make your lunch at home before heading to work or school for the day or cycle to save money on transport. Little things go a long way. So no more ‘I can’t afford it’ excuses. Just one small change in your habits every day could score you the trip of a lifetime.

  1. Check out what your own country has to offer


You don’t have to go to far-flung destinations to have a holiday. Take the time to explore more of what your own country has to offer. A little research and you’ll find some gems, promise ?

Aussies, have you been to the Red Centre? Or explored more of what New South Wales has to offer?

Brits, when was the last time you checked out Ireland or Scotland?


So, no excuses guys – your next adventure could be just down the road.

5. Say yes


Yolo is the motto after all.

So, say yes to adventure. Say yes to exploring. Say yes to that work trip (and see if you can extend it for an extra day or two).

Say yes to new travel experiences and get ready to make memories this year that’ll last a lifetime.

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Want more inspo? Check out this blog.

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