My Reality

An African Proverb says, ‘If you wish to move mountains tomorrow; you must start by lifting stones today.’

What is your reality? Sitting and waiting for manna to fall from the sky? Or are you taking a leap of faith towards fulfilling that which burns you on the inside? You have exactly one life in which to do everything you would ever do…act accordingly.

When I wake up, each day feels like stepping into another dream, a scary dream, and yet; I still manage to wear my best outfit, put on my best smile and face the world. Gone are the days I used to ask why it has to be me who goes through the never-ending storm. Gone are the days when I used to ask why I kept running after a passion unattainable. Lately I have stopped asking why it has to be me who constantly knocks on unanswered doors.

Yes, I still do not have the answers to all the questions I ask myself, but I know this much: my reality is what I make it to be. My reality is what I believe in. Regardless of my circumstances, my reality is my life!

The sad reality is that we live in so much pretence in our daily lives that we even forget our true identities. We are constantly being urged to accept whatever life offers and just live with it. Enough already. I refuse to take that anymore. I have started to act like the person I am inside – I am going to fake it until I make it!

I believe, now, that my vision statement creates my reality. It is not about where I see myself in the next 5, 10 or 15 years, it is about where I see myself now and what I am doing about it. There is no need to conform, but there must be a dire need to create new contours and to break limiting barriers. My dreams dictate my reality. Full stop.

Because what good is a dream if it only exists while your eyes are shut? What good will your dreams do if you forget them once you are awake? I sometimes wake up in the morning feeling already beaten, defeated, but still I put a list together on what I want to be and what I want to achieve. Regardless of the violent battle or trauma of the nightmare, you need to claim the small daily victories and to give yourself some credit. With each day, take one step forward towards making your dream your living reality.

Welcome to your reality; where there should be constant hunger and constant strive to find new ways to satisfy the hunger. I am Mokgadi, and I believe in living your reality.

Written by: Mokgadi Monareng

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