How to make the most of your first year

Gone are the days of high school where you have the luxury of your teacher spoon feeding you. Varsity is completely different, there will be no teachers running after you and you will have to be responsible for your own work. And you’ll also have to learn to manage your own time, unlike high school where the time is structured for you. If you play your cards right in varsity, you’ll be able to excel and do well. Here are few things which will help prepare you for your first year.

Attend class

There are many excuses which students give on why they can’t attend classes. The excuses range from how tired they are to the fact that some of the classes are too early. But picking up the habit of skipping classes could cost you in the long run. In order to get good grades, you need to attend classes. The lecturer will usually give out important information and explain the study material in depth. And they’ll also help you understand the work better if you are struggling. They will also give you important information about the upcoming tests and exams, which could help you better prepare.

Have fun

There is no end to books and too much studying can wear down the body. While you need to pass all your exams, you also need to have fun. You need to ensure you have a balance in your life between studying and your social life. Taking time off your school work will actually help you perform better. When you take a break you give your brain the chance to recharge. And when you get back to your studies, you’ll be able to retain information more easily. Go out with your friends to the movies, enjoy a hike or take a weekend away, you will come back rejuvenated. You obviously need to be responsible and make sure all your work is done but don’t forget to have fun.

Get a part-time job

As a student, you might find yourself broke. Acquiring a part-time job could help add a few cents to your pockets. When you get a part time you’ll also be able to get experience which will help you when applying for jobs after varsity.

Prepare in advance

Read through your study material before attending class. You can read through your work the night before so you can gain an understanding. You’ll be able to grasp the topic more easily and also find out what you don’t understand. This will give you the opportunity to ask your lecturer questions in class. And you’ll also be able to participate in class discussions.


If you are staying on campus, don’t lock yourself up in your dorm room. Go out and meet people. You’ll be surrounded by students from diverse backgrounds. This will enhance your varsity experience and open your world up to lifelong friendships.

Don’t leave work till the last minute

Don’t cram for exams the night before. Most students procrastinate and leave their studies until the last minute. You need to prepare in advance, read through your work each night and make notes. When you study ahead of time you’ll be more likely to get good marks

Visit your lecturers

The lecturers have consultation times available for a reason. When you visit your lecturer all their focus will be on you because in class they don’t have the time to give each student their undivided attention. They have to finish the work they’ve prepared for that lecture. If you lack understanding on a subject matter, the lecturer can give you solutions and explain the work in more detail. You’ll benefit whether you’re studying a sales and marketing course or finance and you’ll be able to gain a better understanding of your work.

Eat healthy meals

When you’re in varsity, it’s easy to neglect your health and just eat junk food. Especially if you live alone in a commune or your own apartment. But it’s important to make sure that you don’t spend the year eating junk food only. Make sure you eat healthy well-balanced meals too.

Get plenty of sleep

Pulling all-nighters or staying up late to the party could lead to fatigue. Make sure you get your seven to eight hours of sleep each night so that you can concentrate and focus in class. When you’re tired it’s harder to absorb information and be productive the next day. Make sure you make a schedule so that you can organise your study time and when you’ll take breaks.

You need to make the most of your varsity experience by preparing in advance, working hard and attending classes. But while you’re acing those exams, give yourself room for some fun too. After all, your varsity years are supposed to be some of the best years of your life.

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