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Eating healthy on a student budget

Being a student often means eating take-out, quick and easy (not always healthy) meals, instant noodles and generally food on the go. You can choose to put your health first and change this by changing

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10 Ways to improve your grades

If your marks have dropped or you’re failing classes, you may be starting to lose self-confidence and your hopes for a successful school year could take a nosedive. But don’t despair and give up. If

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9 ways to impress your lecturer

We all know that if you want to succeed as a student, you need to study hard, take notes in class and do all your assignments. That’s how you do well at school. But there’s

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4 tips for prepping for an interview

You’ve finally been invited to interview for your first job. It’s everything you’ve been dreaming of for the past few years. It’s the reason you studied what you studied. It’s why you spent all that

8 tips for working at your first job

When you leave student life behind you and enter the working life, a whole new world awaits. Working is nothing like being a student. You have to be careful about many different aspects of what

Why wait when you can do it yourself?

Waiting for someone to show you something is not only passive; it is also a pretty much good way to waste your time, your energy. I read somewhere that that the chicken doesn’t go to

Why it’s cool to have a roomie at varsity

If you’re used to having your own space at home, the thought of sharing a room or an apartment with a stranger at university can be a little daunting. However, sharing a living space with